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P.S. As always, no proofread has been done. Bear with the Typos kekeke Thanks guys!!
Been a week now since pretty boy buzz into my life. I had few hiccups for the first couple of days don't ask me why...I think you pretty much got the idea by now. But yeah... My phone buzzed beside me on the table...I grabbed & read the text Pretty boy: Yeoboooo...taking gramps fishing today. You don't need to come over. Don't miss me too much!! kekeke Me: Who R U calling Yeobo kid...!!! Me: Have fun! Be safe... Pretty boy: too Nat. See ya tom. Me: Yep! Bye now YES!!! I screamed in delight as I put down the phone. Finally a day without pretty boy messing my head. The past one week had been a crazy ride. It annoyed me to no end how the kid managed to turn my perfectly no hassle life to a marathon of randomness. What was more annoying was the fact that I was starting to like it... Mark is one of the most frustrating personality I met upto date. As much as he gets in my nerves with his not so subtle taunting, he makes me laugh as much. And time & again I found myself smiling thinking of him which was a gaint RED LIGHT and the reason which brings on today's therapy "Pretty Boy Free Zone" which clearly is what I need pronto. My first step therapy started with major cleaning of the entire house. It's been a week since I cleaned my house properly thanks to certain someone. I put on my old oversized tee which btw is my favorite and started with the cleaning. Starting off with the the time I finished scrubbing the entire house, it was almost 5pm and I was exhausted. I headed to shower but decided to soak in for few minutes. However that few minutes ended up in hours as I dozed off in between. I woked up to some loud banging on my door. It sounded as if someone was trying to break the door. What the....!!! I swore and jump out of the tub. Grabbed a towel and hurriedly wrap myself and rush down wondering who would be coming at this hour. Who's there??? NAT!!?? Wait, that voice sound kinda familiar...I opened the door to find an extremely good looking stranger standing with the biggest smile... I stood there like an idiot staring at him... NOONAAA...the extremely good looking stranger screamed and rush to hug me!! JACKSON!!!?? I screamed back in shock Realizing...I laughed and hugged him back. As I looked up from his shoulder, I noticed a very displeased pretty-boy standing few steps away from us holding on to a trolley staring at me... ---------------------------------------------------------- Author note: Hi everyone, although it's a very short update, I hope you like it. I will try to update the next chapter soon. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Thanks for stopping by and reading my story. Cheers!!
Really liking this, please tag me! You're really good
@MaritessSison @Izab3lla @SindyHernandez @LemonLassie @Caky @EmmaJolie it's a super short update but hope u gals will enjoy!! 😁😁✌
NNOOOONNAAAA!! Can I be Jackson's noona too?! *wiggles eyebrows*πŸ˜‰
@AbbyRamey hey Abby... Thanks for checking my story. Will definitely tag you on my next update. Cheers! 😊😊
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