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He giggles as he splashes you, you splash him back. As you two were having fun, You heard a camera snapping pics. You immediately turn around to see what it looks like the paparazzi. Xiumin grabs your hand and runs with you into a stall in the boys dressing room. You look at him, "What's happening? Who are they> Why were they taking pictures?" You ask him worryingly.
"Nothing just don't worry about it.." He says as he trys to calm you down.
"Don't worry?!?! Of course I'm gonna worry!! Now tell me why are they taking pics of us!" You yell.
He looks at the ground as he sighs, "Okay Look, I'm a K-Pop idol and I'm in a K-Pop group called EXO and I haven't been in Korea for a while because I was here to finish school and then I met you and ughhh I'm screwed...."
You grab his hands away from his face, You see him frowning, "Hey, It's okay. But you should've have told me to began with So that we could've been more careful."
He looks at you as his hand touches the left side of your face, "Thanks for understanding, Also, I was planning to ask you something but I guess it's hard for me too right now..." He explains.
"Just ask me right now..." You tell him as if the question was that simple.
"I would but I was gonna ask you in a special way,like something you'll remember, But since I can't, Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked you nervously.
"Of course, Xiumin, And I think this way is special, something I'll never forget."
You both smile at each other as you both kiss each other and wrap each of your arms around each other bodies. He pulls back telling you, "I know this seems early but I really like you and I"
"I too, Oppa." You tell him back as he strokes your hair.


"Oppa...How are we gonna get out of here?"You whispered.
"Just follow me okay."
You carefully followed him as he creaks open the door. From the corner, You could see a bunch of cameras everywhere. You felt your hand shook into his. He looks at you with an anxious look, "Are you ready? We're gonna run for it."
You inhaled deeply to the thought. "I'm ready."
He grabs your hand and pulls you with his strength. He runs outside besides you as you saw your life flash before your eyes, Literally. He takes you into his car as he starts the engine. You put on your seatbelt as he zooms off. You felt a bit conscience about the situation. He holds your hand to calm you down, Which helped a bit.
"Ummmm Oppa..." You said frightenedly. He heard you but focuses on the road.
"There is a headline about us..." You warned him.
"What?" He breathed heavily. He kept his hands on the wheel as best as he could.
"What does it read?"
You told him scarcely, " The headline is...

"BREAKING: EXO's Xiumin potentially blossing romance with fan?"


Despite his busy schedule, He certainly had the time to go on a romantic date at the beach with a girl. SM Entertainment released an counter argument saying that the girl was an actress and he was filming a new drama series based on his or her old relationships. They go on to say, 'We don't want no confusion. We don't want to stress out the rising idol.'
Many have speculated that the seem to be 'actress', Was indeed in fact a fan of his. But we have no identity of this girl but we also don't have proof if she is an actress. Many EXO-L's are upset with the EXO star, Especially since he has been on vacation for a bit.
He had claimed to take a break for his 'studies' but instead, Many people are convinced that he lied to everyone and his fellow members just to see the mystery girl.

A source quotes:

'Xiumin has always been the member to be quiet and outspoken on things. But lately he hasn't been able to speak his minds due to chaos fans brought up against him on social media.
As Xiumin went back and forth from the U.S. to Korea to promote his activities in different countries. The other day, Paparrazzi had shot pictures of the idol walking away from the LA international airport around early morning. Later, Throughout the day, He had been seen laughing and spending quality time with a girl at the beach. Everyone wants to know, "Who is this girl? How long have they been together? Are they good friends?"
As so far we know, She is a actress and is working with him on a new K-Drama. but fans have proved it as false. When cameras were flashed, He immediately took her into the stalls. Maybe that's part of the episode. Fans had been fantasizing about being with this cutie but as claimed, He may have a girlfriend."
As he pulls up to his apartment, He starts to mumble his words often. He stops the car to look into your blissful eyes. He takes your hand as he says,
"You know...I'm really glad that I had met you. I have no idea what kind of person I would be without you."
You blush in butterflies as he leans in closer. His lips press up against yours in a passionate way. He starts to help untie your bathing suit but you stopped him in time.
He chuckles under his breath as you get out of the car carefully. He brings you into the livingroom to cuddle while watching TV.
"Oppa...Can I freshen up? I feel gross." You groaned at him.
"Go ahead. Take your time."
You walk into his bathroom as you change your clothes, Brush your hair and wash your face thiringly. You fixed your hair in a low side fish-tail braid. You walked out into the firmly nice room. You looked at the movie he had planned to watch. It was a scary movie. You started to cringe about the thought of clowns. the dark, spiders ANYTHING!
He walks out with a smile on his face.
"Ready to watch the movie?"
You gulped your fear. You felt your throat twist into a tight knot.
"Yeah...I guess."
He brings you into his arms as he sits down. He brings you into his lap as he leans his head against your shoulder. As the movie gets interesting, You felt a blast of anxiety rising. You knew what was going to happen, Scary movies are very predictable (Most of the time). You covered your eyes from being scarred by a creepy doll. He giggles softly as he takes your hands. He looks at you as you start to bite your nails. He removes your hands as laces his fingers with yours. He kisses your hand to calm you down. Your face turns tinted red as someone gets killed. You screamed with utter fear into his arms. He comforts you by petting your hair gently. You look into his sparkling eyes as he looks at your lips. He leans in closer as his world turns dark. You kiss him with your arms wrapped around his fragile neck. He leans closer into your body as his hands slide around your hips.
You loved how his tongue had done such wonders for you. You wished that this moment would never end. But eventually, It will soon. You pull away with a frown.
"What's wrong baby?" He asks you breathingly. He lifts your chin with pride, But you lowered him.
"I don't want to do this anymore..." You cried out.
"Do what?" He asked with seriousness.
"I don't want to continue being your secret girlfriend if I'm gonna cause you a lot of controversey. I can even cause your career to plunk."
Moments Later, Tears started bursting through your water ducts. You felt the tears roll down from your cheeks, To his hand. He wipes your tears away as he tells you.
"Look, No matter what anyone tells me, I don't want to loose you. If someone is harrassing you, Just let me know. I will protect you with my heart in honor. I'll proudly tell my members about everything."
"No No, It's okay." You yawned.
"Tired? Baby want to take a nap?" He asked cutely.
He lays down next to you. He spoons you as you fall asleep in his arms.
I carefully try not to disturb her as I watch TV. I turned onto the news to see me! I immediately turn up the volume to hear the news.
The News stated, "One of the most famous K-pop idols out there is soon getting boomed up by fans. Currently, He had been seen in a car with a girl next to him. She silently wore sunglasses to hide her true identity. Who is this girl? Why does she need to hide?
Many of you are probably asking, Well, What do his members think? Let's hear it from them."
I shivered to the sound of that. I soon start to see Suho pop up on the screen.
"Well, I think it's cool for him to have some type of chemistry but I wish he had done it later and not sooner."
"Have you met the girl?" They asked him. I noticed he felt nervous, Truely nervous to where he was fiddling with his fingers.
"I haven't met her but I would like too, To see what she'd be like."
I soon felt my eyes getting heavier by the minute. I later fall asleep next to her.

Thanks for reading...Hoped you enjoyed!

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