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Darnnn were nearing towards the end...

Missed the beginning?
He felt a sudden cold wash over him like if his blood decided to abandon his body suddenly, then a wave of heat by the insane speed that the palpitations of his heart was following and all the blood rushed back again and pooled on his temples making a light headache trob through his skull, little black dots started to dance in front of his eyes and it was in that moment, in the middle of a rush of feelings and surprise, that Namjoon had to grip your forearm and fall down onto the chair to take a seat.
-Are you ok? - you kneeled in front of him, worried because Namjoon went pale and then he was all red, taking shallow breaths and you could almost swear he was starting to sweat.
-You want me to… to do what? - You had never seen your boyfriend who was all toughness and attitude, been scared of anything until now, because the look in Namjoon’s eyes was utter and undeniable fear.
-You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to…- you started to say, knowing what he was so afraid of doing now. You thought that your proposal was a good idea, due to your feelings for him and the time you already had in a relationship and you wanted to ask him first. But Namjoon practically collapsing after your invitation wasn’t your idea of approval. -I just thought it would be good-
You tried to suppress the dreamy tone of your voice, not wanting to make a big deal of it all, but you were expecting him to say yes at least, so your eyes scanned his and Namjoon, pulling himself together from the sudden shock, offered you a dimpled smile.
-No, no, I think it’s good too - he said, stopping to take a deep breath. -like the right thing to do, how things should be done and I’ll do it ok, it’s about time right? -
You cupped his left cheek with your hand, smiling tenderly at him and wanted to be sure that he was truly, completely right with it. -Only if you’re ok with it Namjoon-
The following seconds were silent, until his hand moved to his face and rested on top of your hand, his smile grew bigger on his lips. -I’m ok with it -
Namjoon said, and he was really ok because he loved you. But he couldn’t shove away the feeling of apprehension shaping inside of him. It wasn’t a task or an obligation, but it definitely was going to be important to your relationship. Kim Namjoon could get on a stage and rap lyrics in front of a millions of people without a single flicker of his eyes, because he trusted himself and his talent. But meeting your parents was a complete different kind of test for his self confidence.
-Cheer up hyung! and don’t keep messing with your hair - Jimin shoved Namjoon’s hand away from his hair and combed back the locks that the older had messed up with his nervousness.
-What if they don’t like me? - from his sitting position at the edge of his bed, Namjoon raised his eyes to the rest of the boys all piled up in his bedroom. Not uninvited though, because he had asked for help. Four days ago, when you were planning a dinner with your parents to present them your boyfriend, said boyfriend said he was ok with it, but right now, sitting on the edge of his mattress, he was starting to panick. The rest of BTS was around him for some advice, all of them seeing how Namjoon’s tension grew bigger.
-Well, they definitely won’t like you if you keep looking as if you were heading to a slaughter house - Yoongi snorted close to the door, a wry smile was on his face. - You’re lost -
-Hyung! - Jimin complained next to him, whilst Taehyung, Yoongi and Hoseok all just laughed at those words.
-Relax hyung, you have to relax it’s not much of a big deal - Jungkook, who was sat all on his own bed with his back against the wall said. Namjoon looked at him with disbelief.
-How would you even know you punk? - Jungkook laughed and shrugged, making Namjoon sink even more into his misery.
-He’s kinda right, isn’t him? -Hoseok looked around to the rest of the heads and continued. -You go, eat, say hi, be nice and done- all of his words were accompanied for a full smile with so much enthusiasm that the rest nodded.
-Compliment her mom’s food, and be polite Namjoon - Seokjin was sitting close to Jungkook and offered him a kind smile. Namjoon gave a last look to all of them and took a deep breath.
-Ok - he smoothed the fabric of his pants and stood up. -Ok, ok. I’ll do this just fine-
-Yeah - the boys said to him.
-It will be alright. I’m Rap monster and I can do this, - Namjoon didn’t even know if he was saying those words for the group or for himself, but for whoever they were, the words had an encouraging effect.
-Don’t you dare pick that bag! - Taehyung bursted out all of the sudden when Namjoon turned to his bed to pick his jacket and his bag. Nmajoon looked from the bag to Taehyung and then to his beloved bag again.
-Even your mom says it’s ugly, and you must accept it - Taehyung took away the bag from Namjoon’s hands to make sure the older wasn’t taking it with him.
-But I like that bag! - he said, and complained a couple minutes more while the boys picked a different bag for him and shoved him out of the dorm so he could head to your house.
The door bell echoed and knowing who it was, you ran to the door. Thankfully you were ready since about twenty minutes ago because you wanted to receive him first, before your parents had the opportunity to absorb your boyfriend. When you opened the front door, Namjoon was waiting there, perfectly dressed, blonde hair styled up and in place and a small smile on his lips with his eyebrows slightly turned upwards, giving him a lovely air.
You smiled back at him and threw yourself to him for a hug. Namjoon held tightly onto you, his face buried on your hair.
-Thank you for coming Namjoonnie! – you couldn’t hide your excitement. Having him there meant a lot to you.
-I told you I was doing it - you pulled away to face him and Namjoon was biting his lower lip softly, and as always, the movement caught your eyes. You leaned to the front to peck his lips softly and Namjoon kissed you back before thinking better of it and placing his hands on your shoulders to push you away softly.
-I don’t want your dad to catch me kissing you – you giggled at that, Namjoon was really thinking of everything.
-You’re my boyfriend, it’s not a secret that we kiss – your hands held onto his and you intertwined your fingers with his. Both of you stared at each other thoughtfully and after a moment, Namjoon broke the silence.
-I’m not nervous – he said and you almost laughed, almost because you knew that wasn’t what he needed. You pulled him into a second hug and caressed his back tenderly.
-Don’t worry babe, they are going to like you – you looked up at him with a sincere smile and Namjoon leaved a kiss on your forehead before pressing his own against yours.
-How can you be so sure? – he asked you with his eyes closed. Your hands moved to his face to cup his cheeks and he opened his eyes to the contact.
-Because I know them – and as that didn’t seem to convince him enough, you carried on. –They’re going to like you because you make me happy Namjoon-
He considered your words and the smile that he gave you after that warmed you all up.
-Y/N! Is he here? – the voice of your mom reached both of you and you gripped your boyfriend’s hand so both of you could hold onto each other while entering the house.
-Ready? – you looked at him and he gave a squeeze to your hand, his dimples now fully showing. He leaned towards your ear to whisper in complicity.
-Babe, I was born ready – you laughed out loud and pulled him through the door so he could enter the house.
Your mom was already walking towards the door and when she saw you both entering holding each other hands, she stopped, a wide smile was on her face and she pushed both of her hands together in a light clap.
-Finally! – your mother said, delightfully pleased with the sight. –Welcome home Namjoon! –
Your boyfriend bowed politely to her and was only able to say a couple thanks before your mom rushed towards you and pulled him away so she could surround him into a hug, talking to him about all the things she had cooked for dinner and how much she wanted to meet him.
-Mom! – you complained a bit to her behavior but she paid no attention and continued talking while you walked towards the dining room. Namjoon looked at you smiling and mouthed a silent it’s ok to you while he continued to pay attention to your mother’s excitement.
He was actually really glad for the candid welcoming because that way he could relax even more. When the three of you entered the dining room your father was walking up and down the place, and while hearing the steps, his head turned towards you and he stopped on his tracks.
Namjoon suddenly stopped laughing as well and straightened up instantly, greeting your father the same way he did with your mother.
-So you’re Namjoon – he swallowed and looked up at your father, the man was a bit intimidating and seemed to be as tense as Namjoon was.
-Yes sir- he said. Your father walked closer to him and looked at your boyfriend from head to toe, as if examining him. When he was content with his assessment he crossed both of his arms in front of his chest, pushing his chin out.
-Alright. – your father said with a grim tone and stood at mere centimeters away from Namjoon. -What are your intentions with my daughter? - The expression of his face was growing even sterner while he looked at the boy and when he leaned to the front to stare into his eyes, he suddenly grasped Namjoon’s shoulders and shook him. –Relax boy! And welcome home-
Your father laughed so hard he was choking, Namjoon sighed relieved and you approached him, placing your arm around his middle.
-I have been wanting to do that all of my life – you father waved a hand on the air, still amused by his little act moments ago.
-He likes to think he’s the funniest man on earth – you whispered to Namjoon making him laugh.
-That’s because I am Y/N, now help your mom bring the dinner – you smiled and kissed Namjoons’ cheek before heading to the kitchen. Your father approached Namjoon again and placing an arm around the boy’s shoulder they walked towards the table.
-I bet I scared you right? – you father asked him with a smile. Namjoon laughed softly and nodded.
-Yeah, kind of – he was definitely not waiting for your father to play a prank on him the first time they met.
-You know, Y/N really likes you – both of them took a seat, your father at the head of the table and Namjoon at his left.
-I really like her too – your father smiled contented by Namjoon’s words and how he didn’t even seem to think too much to say it.
-I only hope for you to treat her right Namjoon, alright? – you father looked seriously at him again and Namjoon nodded.
-I will. I am treating her right, there’s no other way to treat your daughter, she’s just… great. A great girl- this time your father leaned over the table, closer to your boyfriend with the same stern expression from before.
-You better remember that – he said looking at Namjoon straight in the eyes. –Because if not… well, let’s just say I was really good with my guns back in the army-
-That was a lot of years ago Namjoon, don’t pay attention to him – your mother interrupted the conversation and placed the food on the table. –He can’t truly shoot anything for the sake of his life now – she finished with a sweet smile to Namjoon and a warning one to your father who just sat straight on his seat again with a defeated expression. You laughed to that and helped your mom serve the food.
-She’s no fun – your father whispered to Namjoon but that didn’t slip from your mother’s ears.
-What are you saying over there? – she asked, taking a seat to the right of her husband after all the plates were full.
-Just telling him about your delicious food honey – your father said with a wide smile and started to eat right after.
-I’m sure you were – your mother laughed it off and you all started to eat.
Turned out to be that dinner went incredibly smoothly, and Namjoon wondered why he was so nervous in the first place. You held his hand under the table from time to time, smiled at him tenderly, and your parents did really welcome him and made him feel at home. So when it was time to go he really felt sorry.
-Promise you’ll visit again Namjoon – your parent were standing on the threshold to say their goodbyes and you were standing next to Namjoon.
-I’ll surely will – he said with a wide smile and your mother hugged him, your father and him shook their hands and then he placed a hand on your boyfriend’s shoulders.
-It was nice to meet you son – he said sincerely, and then leaned to whisper. –Remember about the guns-
- Dad! – Namjoon laughed and your mother pulled her husband away in a rush of complains to leave you two alone. When Namjoon saw their backs disappear, he surrounded you in a bear hug.
-So… was it that bad? – you asked him, a little amused with the entire night.
-They’re great people – Namjoon said with his face on your neck. –As great as you-
That made you smile, you really wanted him to like your parents and this was the best way it all could turn out.
-I’m happy you think that – you said and Namjoon moved to face you.
-Yeah, I think that your dad’s a little crazy and I guess that’ where you got it from so… – the amusement was clear on his voice and you hit his shoulder.
-hey! – you wanted to seem mad but in reality you were just laughing. Namjoon’s arms were still around you and he pressed you against his chest.
-But I still love your crazy vein babe – he leaned down to press his lips against yours, softly, tenderly, the smile could still be felt on his lips and your arms surrounded his neck lovingly.
-I can see you two! – your father’s scream made you both jump away and Namjoon almost fell down with the surprise. You both laughed still startled and you helped Namjoon steady himself holding his arms.
There was laughing inside the house and you didn’t even need to see them to know that not only your father was laughing with what he caused but also your mother was laughing like a little girl next to him.
-Oh man – he said laughing and holding onto you. –he’s really going to use those guns on me-
-No, he isn’t –you stole another peck from Namjoon’s lips and smiled. –They liked you babe-
-I hope so – Namjoon intertwined your hands and hugged you, looking back to the door where he could see both of your parents sneak peeking and still laughing.

CREDITS: Bangtan-Spells

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