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Bobby is so rude
Who gave him permission to wreck my bias list?! Talk about no respect... But for real, how can people call this guy rude? He's nothing but a total sweetheart. He even gave the little girl his bracelet! I wonder why he decided to use Chanwoo's (at least I think that's him) back instead of the table... Guys, what if they're filming IkonTV?!?!
Bobby is such a bias wrecker with his eyeseu smile 😧😫 drool***
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I thought that was Yunhyeong? And I saw this he is such a sweetheart! We just don't question his logic about doing certain things πŸ˜‚ like using a back instead of a table
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@Sammie99522 I think it is Yunhyeong. Sometimes he and Chanwoo look the same to me from the side/back
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@JustinaNguyen Well it isn't just you not even Ikon can tell sometimes if it's from a distance πŸ˜‚
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