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WARNING: Mature content

- Yoongi's point of view - Hoseok has been pissed at me for over a week. It's completely warranted, and very noticeable. I'm surprised he can stand to be in the same room with me. Tae walks in and sits by Hoseok on the couch. He pulls one of his ear buds out. "What ya listening to?" "Oh. It's this rap album from the nineties Boram told me about." "She likes rap?" He looks at me coldly. "Yeah." Tae unplugs his headphones. "Play it." "I don't think you'd like it." I'm curious about what she likes. "What's it called? Who's it by?" He gives me another icy stare. "It's The Chronic by Dr. Dre. It's his first solo album." "Will you play some?" Tae wiggles around. "Yeah play some, it's not hard. Just press a button." "Fine." He plays a song. I listen for a minute. I dont understand much English, but I know enough to know they're talking about things that are pretty explicit. "What song is this?" "It's called Fuck Wit Dre Day." "She likes stuff like this?" "Yeah. She's been listening to these things since she was a child." "A child!" Hoseok relaxes a little and looks less irritated. "That's what I said when she told me. But she said her mom took a liking to it when they lived in Long Beach, California. So she's pretty much been around this, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg since she was born." She's so interesting. I'd have never guessed she'd like something like this and she's been listening to things this hard since she was little. She was probably bobbing her head to this before she even started school. That's so cool. "You're right Hoseok. I don't like that." Tae plugs the headphones back into the phone. "I told you so." He puts his ear buds back in. The Chronic, well, if it's good then it wouldn't hurt to listen to it. I should know more old school rap. ... Oh wow. I wonder if Hoseok looked up translations of the lyrics for some of these tracks. This is...violent, sexual, and there's so much about drugs and gangs. It sounds good, but damn. That's not what I'd have thought such a sweet girl would listen to. There's so much to her. I wish I could ask her about what she likes myself instead of over hearing it. I wish I could text her or something. Tae! He always knows the pass number for our phones! I'd just have to ask him for it and wait till Hoseok leaves his phone somewhere. I go find Tae. "Hey kid. What are you up to?" "Oh. Just goofing around on my phone. What's up?" "Nothing really. Speaking of phones, you always know the pass numbers to our phones right?" He looks at me for a few seconds and looks back to his phone. "That's neither here, nor there." "That barely made sense and I know you do." "That's classified information." I'll play along. "How do I get this information declassified?" He holds out his hand without looking. What a brat. "How much?" "Depends on whose code." God this is unsettling. "Hoseok's." He clamps his hand shut. "I don't release that information anymore. His info is extremely confidential." "Come on, help me out here." He looks at me. "Why do you want it so bad? You've never wanted anything like this." "Isn't this the type of situation where the statement "no questions asked" is typically applied." He narrows his eyes. "True. I don't like to involve myself. Regardless, it's not going to happen." "Everyone has a price Tae. What's yours?" "What's the most you'll pay?" I hold some cash in front of his face. He snatches it up and counts it. He shrugs. "Good enough I guess. You're cheap though." "Tell me what it is." "8196." "Do you think he'll change it between now and tommorow?" "Tell you what. Business has been slow, so I'll give you a deal. If he changes it before you get a chance, then I'll tell you the new one as soon as I find out." "You're going to make a great underhanded business man someday. Keep this all to yourself or I'll make sure you regret it. Got it?" "Yes sir." Alright. Maybe I'll just wait until he goes to bed. That'd probably be the best time. ... Well no turning back now. I've got the phone in my hand. I'm standing in the hall, contemplating whether I really should go through his phone. I think my soul was permanently tarnished the moment I made a deal with that devil. No use in trying to try to redeem myself now. Alright, 8196. Open. Contacts. Boram. I pull out my phone and save the number into my contacts. Okay. That's all I wanted. I want to snoop though. I've already broken about every rule in the bro code. At this point I'll just toss it out completely. I sit down on the floor. I could be a while so I'll get comfortable. Texts? Sure I'll start with that. Wait. There's no texts? Does he delete them every night? Well, fuck. What's he got to hide? Oh...I bet they were talking dirty earlier or something. He's lucky. Fine. Pictures. Oh wow, she's got her own album. Ah, selfies. Lots of them. She's so cute. I'll send some to my phone. That's fucked Yoongi! You shouldn't be doing any of this, it's all fucked! I can't help it though. I can't have her and it makes me want her more than I already do. But what would I even need them for! I can't set it as a background like she's my girlfriend. Just having them to look at is creepy, isn't it? Yes it is. However, I've been being a creep this whole time anyways. Let's see. Scroll, scroll, scroll. So many selfies. I gasp. Whoa, full body shot! That's! Oh my god! She's fucking stacked, those have got to be at least double D's! Damn, I never saw her body! Lots of curves and in all the right places. I bite my lip. The things I'd do to her, they'd be so nasty. She'd look so sexy under me. Fuck, she'd look even better on top though. I bet she'd feel amazing either way. I bet she can work it from any position. She's got clothes on, but this is more than enough for me. I'll send just that one. That's not as bad right? If I only take one? Sent. Delete the message. Alright, I feel like I lost enough of my morality tonight, so I need to put this back. I leave his room and walk out to the main room. I lay on the couch since everyone's either asleep or in their room. How do I text her. There's no good way to do this. I'd have to lie and say he gave me her number. But she'll probably ask him if he really did and I'll be fucked. Well, I just want to talk with her. It's not like I want anything from her. I'll just do it. "Hi Boram" I didn't say who it is. I'm not sneaky and I'm sure everyone knows this trick; but if she responds to that but ignores it once she knows it's me, then she obviously doesn't want to talk. "Who's this?" I just realized I'm texting in Korean. I wonder how often she gets texts in Korean. She probably knows it's one of us. "Is this Taehyung?" Why the hell would it be him? "No, why would it be?" "He snoops in Hoseok's phone and texts me randomly now and then. I know it's someone from the group now though. Namjoon?" "No." "...Yoongi." That doesn't look very welcoming. "Um yeah" "Why do you have my number? Do you need something?" "I just wanted to talk" Shit. She stopped responding. It's been like ten minutes. I scared her. She must think I'm such a stalker. Actually, I kind of am. "About what?" Yes! She texted back! "Music" Good cover. "Music?" "Yeah. Hoseok played a song earlier and said it was one that you showed him. I liked it and was wondering if you knew anymore that were good" "Depends on what he showed you. If you liked it, I can tell you some that are similar in style" "Fuck Wit Dre Day" "That's off The Chronic album, that's a great one! You should listen to all of it!" "I already looked it up, it was really good. I never would have thought you'd like music like that" "Born and raised on it" "That's so cool that you grew up listening to things like that" "I guess. Most people seem to think it's pretty terrible for a child to hear things like that" "Wouldn't most of it go over their head?" "Exactly!" "I'm sure your parents told you that what they talk about was bad and you shouldn't do what they do or repeat it" "Finally! Someone who understands that a kid can hear inappropriate things but still behave" "It's very true, parents teach kids, not music" "You read my mind" This is going so smoothly. I knew we'd get along. "So what music would you recommend?" "Hmmmmm..." That's cute. She's thinking. "Alright, I'd say you'd probably like Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg. If you haven't heard it then I highly recommend you take some notes because it's listed as one of the most influential rap albums" "I will lol I might not be able to use the style as inspiration for an album track but I could always use some inspiration for my mixtape" "Mixtape? When will you be dropping that?" "It's not finished yet so it could be a while" "How many years have you been working on it" "Several haha" "Do you have any finished songs?" "Yeah a few" "...no I shouldn't bug you. You said I bother you too much" "No, no what is it?" "It's rude of me to even ask, so don't worry about it" "Just tell me!" "Well, if you insist. Could I be so bold as to ask if I could hear one?" She wants to hear my music! I shouldn't, that's not a good idea. "I shouldn't" "I understand! It was rude to ask! Sorry" Well, it's not like she'd do anything. "Well, I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing it online but if you called me I could play some for you" She's calling! Alright, calm down. "Hello?" "Hi! I'd love to hear it!" "It won't sound very good over the phone you know." "I'm well aware." "Okay. Well I have to go turn on the computer still, you didn't have to call me so soon." "Well hurry up!" "Be grateful! I'm doing you a favor, you know how many people have heard this?" "The guys?" "No one. I'll play you some that I haven't played for anyone yet." "You don't have to do that!" "No, I want to. You've got more of a background with rap than I do apparently, as far as hearing more of it. So I'd like to know what you think." "I don't know new school." "You don't listen to rap anymore?" I sit down and turn on the computer. "I do, but the newest album I know is College Dropout. Back when Kanye was still fun to listen to. I just re-listen to old stuff." "Wow. You're behind on the times." "If it was interesting, I'd listen to the new stuff, but for the most part it's not. Every song says the same shit. It's pointless. I mean at least back in the day, they may have had a lot of the same themes or ideas, but the beats sounded different and it was actually creative and original to every individual rapper. Each rapper had a style that was their own. It's not as common these days. Not to mention the verses weren't repeated twice and a chorus three times." "There's that analytical mind of yours at work." "I have my opinions about things and generally they're pretty thorough opinions." "I wouldn't expect any less." "Anyway. Like I said, I won't be able to have a lot of elaborate criticisms; because I've listened to a lot of your guys' music and I like it, but I'm not sure if yours will sound the same. I don't know what sound you're going for." "Fine, good God. Just tell me if you like it or not then, simple enough? Wait! You know what would be better?" "What?" "Can you use your computer right now?" "I suppose, why?" "Do you want to turn on video? That way I can actually see your reaction. You can't lie and say it's good if I can see it on your face that you hate it." Shit, she's not saying anything. "You don't have to, I was just throwing it out there as an idea." "If it's strictly business, then I can. Due to the fact that this entire conversation has been about only music." "Got it. Just about music, no worries." "Alright I'll turn it on and I'll let you know when it's ready." "Okay." This is amazing. I can't believe we're talking this much. I even get to talk on video with her. Thank you God for making Tae a sneaky brat. "Ready." "Alright. I'll hang up then." She laughs. "See you in a second." "Yep bye." I hang up. I'm about to enter the chat when I remember I probably look like hell. Damn it! What a great idea you had. I look at myself with the front camera on my phone. Well, I don't look awful? I'll put my hood up and call it good. Enter. "Hey." She looks so cute. I'm so happy I can see her. I never thought these songs would help me out with something like this. "Hi. Is the song ready?" "You're impatient." "You took like five minutes after you hung up to get on here. I assumed you'd have it ready." "You assumed wrong." "Hurry up then." "Don't be pushy. There. Ready?" "Oh wait!" She gets up and walks over to a table behind her, looking for something. That body. Damn, it's even better in motion. She's got tight pants and a tank top on, everything she's wearing is tight. American girls are built so different. Must be something in the water. Please, never find whatever you're looking for. Shit, I'm staring. If she turns around and sees that I'm sitting here drooling over her, I'll look like a total creep. It's impossible to look away though, she's absolutely gorgeous. Not just her body either, she just carries herself and moves so beautifully. Ah, no, no! Calm down, don't get yourself excited over that! I talk under my breath. "Two times thirty is sixty. Seventy dived by two is thirty-five. The square root of two hundred and twenty-five is fifteen." "Found them!" She walks back and sits down. "Found what?" "Headphones. The quality is already going to be diminished by being picked up by a microphone, so I might as well not ruin it more by putting it through shitty computer speakers." She cares so much about this. "By the way, were you just doing math equations out loud?" She heard that? "Keeps the mind sharp." "Makes sense. Kind of." "Okay, okay. Just tell me when to press play." "I feel so special getting to be the first one to hear it." I'm way too close to blushing. "Okay. Press play." Moment of truth. I press play and I don't quite stare at her, but I told her I'd want to see her reaction so she knows I'd be watching her a little. I know which parts I want to see her react to. So I don't have to stare. Generally, girls always just have huge smiles on their faces and love every part of new songs. I look up. She's not smiling. Her eyes are closed and she looks like she's actually listening. She's even bobbing her a little, that's good, at least the beat is decent. She's taking this more seriously than I thought she would. Now I'm getting self-conscious. I don't want her to think it's bad. If all she listens to is the classic old-school albums, then she'll probably hate it. It's almost over. Fifteen seconds has never felt so long. It ends. "So how was it?" She leans back and looks like she's thinking. I'm nervous, I thought she was just going to say if it was good or bad! "Well, it had a good tempo, perfect for the speed you were rapping. The music was unique, in a good way. Your lyrics were well thought out, creative. Now, the big question is how was your delivery of the lyrics." She's got me on edge. "Be honest. It's not too late to change it obviously. If it's fatally flawed I'd like to know." She sighs. "If you want me to be honest, I think you were too harsh sounding for the lyrics. The harshness didn't match the music either. In comparison to every other component to the song, you were just too angsty." She was actually honest. I didn't think she'd actually say something was bad. "I wasn't trying to be mean! You said be honest! I thought you were actually asking me to be critical!" "No it's okay. I'll have to reevaluate it a bit. If I change it I'll run it past you again." She smiles brightly. "That'd be nice. Overall it really was a great song." "Thanks. I should go though." "I thought you said I'd get to hear a couple?" "Do you really want to hear them?" "I asked to, didn't I?" She's such a smart mouth. "I guess you did. Alright one more, then I need to go." "Yep." ... "I liked that one. It was great. Like, all of it. Everything matched and flowed well. That style really works for you. I obviously don't know your music perfectly, but from the sound of this, I think that'd be a good personal style for you. Keep that in mind for the future." She laughs. I laugh. "I'll do that. I'm glad you liked that one. At least I'm not a complete failure." "I wouldn't call you any sort of a failure, complete or otherwise. You're very well accomplished for your age." I smile, that's a really nice compliment. "Thank you. Wait, do you even know how old I am?" "I don't know, 19. Maybe close to 20." "I look that young! I'm 23!" "I'm sorry! You look boyish, so I had no idea! But hey, I'm the same age. God, if anyone's a failure, it's me." She laughs. "Why would you be a failure?" She waves me off. "Ah, nothing. It was a joke." "Oh. Okay." "You have to go, right?" "Yeah." "I'll talk to you again some other time then." "Sure." Be cool, don't look too excited. "Bye, then." "Bye." She hangs up and I close the screen. That was unbelievable. I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to talk with her that much. She said she liked my music and that I had style. Coming from her that means alot. She took me seriously enough to actually critique it too. She's so legit. I think I just managed to screw myself over worse than I already was though. This is only going to make it harder for me to sit on the sidelines watching their relationship flourish. All in all though, I think it was worth it.
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Yoongi ... STAY IN YOUR LANE, boy! Don't do this! You will regret it sooo much!
Aw Yoongi, why? Hobi's gonna be so pissed when he finds out
Bad boy, Yoongi. She is Hoseok's girl. Damn this is going to end soo fuckin bad.
@MadAndrea you have done it again. First you break bro code. And now make her break girl code. Brah!!!! Yoongi is gonna fuck everything up. I need to know Borams pov and Hobi's pov like now.
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