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Chapter 7
I knocked on the door three times before opening and giving him my spare clothes. I saw him shirtless once again. I felt my heart start to beat faster and faster, with my cherry flushed face. "Sorry for intruding." I said before running out. As I shut the door I leaned up against it and slid down. I put my hand to my chest to see if I was still alive. ~~~Mark's pov~~~ As I was getting out of the shower I realized I had no clothes. So I put a towel around my waist.I was about to exit the room to get some spare clothes from Ji. But I heard three knocks and the door opened. She just stood there dumbfounded with a red face. 'Whats up with her' I thought. "Sorry for intruding." I heard her say that as she ran out. She left the clothes on the floor, I guess I will be using these. After I got changed I opened the door to see Ji sitting across the hall. I poked her soft yet squishy cheeks, and she threw her head up. "I'm hungry!" I complained. "Oh yeah, I forgot to make lunch." Ji said ~~~Ji's pov~~~ "I'm hungry!" I heard Mark complain. "Oh yeah, I forgot to make lunch." I said quickly. "I will make soup if you want." I saw Marks face brighten up. "You must really love soup to get that excited." I said as I walked into the kitchen. "You can go watch TV or something." "No I'll help." He said cheerfully "Really, that would be great." *after 10 mins* "Yah, I'm beat." mark said sleepily. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, until Mark jumped on the couch right next to me. "Ahhh, you scared me." Mark started to laugh. So I punched his shoulder. "That's payback!" I exclaimed confidently. As soon as I said that Mark started to tickle my stomach. I started to laugh. "Ha..haha.. Stop..ha I can't..breathe." I managed to speak. So he gave me a little break, when the door bell rang. I ran to the door and opened it enough to see the persons face. "Hanny, your back!" I flew the door open and squeezed the soul out of him. When I let go of him he was panting loudly. "Sorry." I apologized. "Whatever." He walked in and saw Mark. He smiled and patted my shoulder whispering, "good luck." then walked out the door. What was that for?
Omg what do you think is gonna happen
@AbbyRoscoe oopss.. ok .. this is the first chapter I read.. oops I will go back and read all of the I thought the fanfic was about got7 cause is called intoxicating love 7 lmaoo.. ok it😀 my bad .. I will read the other chapters to catch up.
It was in chapter 3 it was her brother @luna1171
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I don't get it who walked out?