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I wish I could capture the most beautiful moments And frame it the corner of my heart I wish I could smile the smiles I smiled on that fine moment I'd choose I wish all the laughter I'd capture were not just mine but shared eternally with the one I spent it with I wish I could see all the colors that were spilled over my soul and dance in the rainbows my heart was leaping on There was sunshine though it was dark and I had nothing else to wish for I wish I could walk again those roads that brought me comfort and laugh at the silliness, the innocense and simplicity You would laugh at me thinking it was not merely the joy of the moment that lit up my eyes beside you and you would smile and question me if I could find my way home I would walk happily knowing my road would lead me some place other than I planned to go But I would walk just as happily smiling at the smiles you smiled at me