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Jiyong kisses me passionate. I feel warm inside. What is this feeling? My eyes closes as our lips mix together. I feel his arms around me. I want to stop this, i dont want my feelings to deepen for him, but i cant control it. I want more. My hands touches the back of his neck and then my fingers go through his hair. The kiss deepens more, I am becoming breathless but i aint complaining. Then he grabs my ass and lifts me up. I giggled and then my arms goes around him. I open my eyes and as i saw him looking at me. His eyes was twinkling. His smile was sweet but big. He may be small, but he is very strong. My legs wraps around his waist, as puts me down on a blanket. The weather is just perfect. Smooth warm wind, with the waves slowly crashing between the rocks and the moon shinning bright. I lay down, and Jiyong starts to kiss my neck as his hands touches my hips. He squeezes my hips tight. I moan. Then his hands slips inside my shirt, I feel the chills running all over my body. Then he grabs my shirt and took it off. "Oh Ja-ni, your beautiful, why you hide yourself" Then he kisses my lips as his hands play with breast. My heart is racing, my mind starts to go blank but my body is getting hot. My hands reach for his shirt and once i gtabbed it, i lift it up and took it off. I see how beautiful his body is. My fingers starts to feel his warmth and skin. The smoothless and his heat, is just perfect. Jiyong grabs my hand, and he puts it on his heart. "This is how you got me" His heart is racing, Is this his feelings. Then he kisses my lips again. This time he gotten deeper and harder. His fingers starts to slowly unbutton my pants. When he did, he starts to pull them down. He let go of my lips to take off my pants. Then his lips touches my hips amd he works himself down to my thigh's. My body shakes and my back lifts up. The chills are strong. I moan louder and louder. Then he pulls my panty off. I feel the air in my naked pussy. Jiyong pulls his pants down and then he lays down on me.. He slowly then enters me. My eyes closed and i grab Jiyong's arms tight as he enters deeper and deeper. Then he starts to move in and out. Soon he starts to speed up. Our breaths are going breathless. Then he kisses me deep. I can hear him moan under his breath. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, which made him get deeper inside me. He starts to go faster till i am becoming weak. Then with one of hands he hugs me and starts to finish off. He is sweating and his breath is heavy. I felt my body become tight, my breath is half way gone. My vision is becoming blurry and my mind got fuzzy. I squeeze my arms. This feeling is just strong. "Im coming, Ja-ni" I couldn't say a word. He starts to go faster and making myself go crazy. I moan louder and louder. I can't seem to control myself. Then he starts to moan a little louder, then all i feel is him bursting inside off me. Jiyong's body crashed into mines and he breaths heavy, so was I. Then a heavy sleep became upon me.
GD Oh Ja-ni falls asleep on my chest. I cant believe that this beautiful, talented woman was hidden. I look at the sky and see the stars. Then i stand and pull my pants up. I grab another blanket and wrap it on Oh Ja-ni and lift her up. I start walking towards my house. As i enter inside i went to lay her down on my bed. Then I cover her beautiful body. She then curls herself like ball. How cute. I smile and start to walk away from the room. I go to the kitchen and grab a cup of cold water. I smile as the memories starts to pour into my head. My heart then races. Then i saw my phone on the kitchen counter. I grab it and saw a missed called from Seungri. Then a text message from him. I open the text. >Jiyong, I was wrong to be selfish. I didnt knew why i was feeling that way. But i know why now. I like her and i want to confess to her. I need help. I look at the text and I dont even know of how to respond to this, because I also want her too. But i aint the type to fight over something which is not mine yet. She has to choose of what her heart desires. Its her life which i want to see happiness. So i respond. >Seungri, sometimes feelings blinds you, till you can see them and face them. But once you see them, you must face them and confess, before someone those. Talk to her and tell her whats inisde your heart. Dont be a coward. > Thank you Jiyong. I will talk to her tomorrow. Rest well tonight. >You too Panda boy. I smile as i put the phone down. I know she will choose the right man. Rven if its not me, i will know her heart will be happy and not in pain with the wrong decisions.
The sun peeks into the window, and i quickly look away from the brightness. Then i slowly open my eyes. I saw Jiyong sleeping next to me. I smile and memories from last night starts to flash in my mind. My fingers starts to smooth his face and then his hair. *Why your just a beautiful creature?* I cant believe that he is this gorgeous, much more gorgeous than on TV. Then i hug him, and smooth out his chest. Seeing his tattoos in person is much more sexy. Then i look at his neck. I kiss his neck where his angel tattoo is. He moves a little bit and then he opens his eyes and saw me. "Good morning" "Good morning Ja-ni" He hugs me and my face is on his chest. I can hear his heart beating hard and fast. Then i kiss his chest. He giggles. "Your ticklish" "Yes, especially when you do that." So i kiss him over and over again. He laughs and then grabs my cheeks. He kisses my lips and then he smiles at me. "Breakfast?" "Girl, you can say that again." I laugh and then I grab the blanket as i stand off the bed. I walked into his closet. I grab one of his boxers and a long shirt. As i step out of bed. Jiyong giggles. "What? Why your giggling from?" "You just look good in boys clothes" "Get your ass up, boy" Time went by and breakfast was done. Jiyong and I already finish eating. As i finish cleaning up. I saw a piano inside his living room. I walk towards the living room. "May I?" "Please, go ahead" I walk towards the piano, amd my fingers slowly touches the smooth white paint of the piano. The paino is just gorgeous. All white it has "GD" on top of the piano. "Really?" I point at the paino as i look at him. "One of a Kind" He smiles. I sat down and crack my fingers. I feel the steps of the piano with my feet. Then i slowly start to collect my breathing and let my mind relax. Once i felt relaxed, I started playing. Then i saw Jiyong open his eyes open. I started playing "Butterfly" Which is his hit solo song. The song which inspires me. Then Jiyong starts to sing. His vouce just always gives me the chills. I kept playing and then switch the song into "Missing You". Jiyong then got a called. I stopped playing. "hello....yes... now?... ya ill be right there." "Everything ok?" "Ya, i just got to go to YG building. Gotta fix some things and get things ready for this live concert" "Ohh ok. Im sorry to make things complicated." "Not your fault. So come on. Lets get ready." We got ready and into his car. The drive was fast cuz he was in a hurry. Then he drops me off home. "Thank you, i had a very good time" "I did too Oh Ja-ni. See you soon" Jiyong left and i went into my apartment. I showered and got dressed. I wanted to see if i can find a job. As i left my place and started walking towards downtown, i was feeling great. The sun was bright and hot. The summer weather is just beautiful. As i enter inside a family restaurant, i ask for a job which they are lookimg for. "Hello, I heard your looking for someone to work" "Yes, It gets very busy on the weekends. But its only the weekends. Also i get alot of Americans. Do you know english?" "Yes i do. And i can definitely work on tje weekends" "Great. Those next weekend sounds great?" "Sounds Perfect" I bow and thank her for this job, and left. I walked towards a park and sat down on a bench. Then someone sit next to me. "Beautiful weather huh" My heart drops as my eyes pops open. I turn around, and their i saw him. He smiles. "Hi Oh Ja-ni" "Seungri?"
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