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Well, I've counted Your votes, and Our Winner is *Drum Roll* Zico!
Thank you for your Votes everybody, I decided I'm going to move the Voting day to Friday.

What do I think about Zico?

I Love Zico Very Much! He's in my Top 5 Bias list, the Main Reason is Because He's Such a Lovable, Crazy Nutcase! He Cheers me up when I'm sad, I could just watch a Gif of him Being silly, and that will make me Smile.

Facts about Zico:

Real Name: Woo Ji Ho
Nickname: Jamaican Beggar
Position: Main Rapper, Leader.
Birthday: September 14, 1992
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 182 cm (6'0)
Blood type: O
Education: Seoul Music High School.
- He Along with Kyung have Produced all of Block B's Albums.
- His Older brother is Taewoon from Co-Ed School.
- Zico Was his nickname in Japan where they Combined the 1st syllable of his 1st name (Ji) and added "Co" at the end, thus Creating Zico.
- He Really Likes Hello Kitty (though as of late he has Announced that he has "Broken Up" with her.)
- He along with Kyung, U-Kwon, Hanhae, and Mino were the Original Line up for Block B.
- Although he is the Leader, he is the Second youngest.
- On MTV's "Match Up", he was Known as the Jamaican Beggar because of his Dreadlocks.
- Before joining Block B he studied art in Japan for 3 years. at the Time Music was Simply a Hobby.
- There are Rumors floating around that Zico was going to debut in SHINee, but he has Neither Confirmed nor denied it.
- Though he is Younger than most of the Other members and is Mischievous at times, Zico has Showed fans time and time again his humility and Willingness as a Leader.
- After the Thailand controversy, he saved his head as symbol of his Remorse.
- The Adorable yet Charismatic leader of Block B had a Very tough Childhood due to a Chronic Condition. He had a Hernia in his early childhood and had to go through heart Surgery due to Sever Heart Problems.

Zico Quotes:

"You wouldn't be wrong to call me a Psycho".
"Are you alive or dead? or are you acting alive because you can't die?"
" if there's One thing I have pride in, it's Block B".
" If you haven't experienced Frustration, Don't hope for Joy".
" I like Scandals, they show who the true fans really are".
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Happy Saturday!

Tagging some people. Sorry if I missed anybody
Wow!! I never knew he went through so much stuff.😯 Thanks for the info!☺
Zico bae!! 😍😍😘😘😘😘
Thanks for all the info! I've learned so much
@JohnEvans you're welcome.
I NEVER KNEW HE HAD HEART SURGERY AND A HERNIA.. 😞😞😞😞 it just makes me love him even more
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