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~~~Ji's pov~~~ The kiss started to get passionate when he gently placed me on the bed. What is this feeling? I felt his wet warm tongue in my mouth wanting more. He then slid his hand under my shirt and cupped my breast. I moaned as he bit my lip. Then a roar of thunder helped me realize what we were doing. I quickly pushed him back and felt my pulse racing. His face was a bright pink and then felt my face burning. I quickly got off the bed and went into the bathroom. My face was a bright pink. I said sorry and goodnight then left quickly. What's gotten into me? It felt so Intoxicating. Like I almost lost control of myself. I didn't want it to stop. But why? ~~~Mark's pov~~~ Why do I feel so guilty? I couldn't control myself. Thanks to the thunder it snapped me out of it. I think it would be best if I go to sleep now. I lay on the bed and shut my eyes. *in the morning* ~~~Ji's pov~~~ As soon as I woke up I remembered what happened last night. I went in the bathroom to take a quick bath, and put on a little makeup and my clothes.
I then went downstairs to cook breakfast. I made eggs, toast with some jam, and bacon. I was done setting the table when I went to knock on the door to the room Mark was staying in. "Mark breakfast is ready..." I shouted and got no reply. "I'm coming in." When I opened the door I saw Mark was still sleeping. I shook him light enough to wake him up. He started to open his eyes slightly. I whispered in his ear that breakfast was ready. He got up quickly and accidentally bumped heads with me. "Oww." I complained. "Sorry." He sounded apologetic. 'that hurt a lot' I thought. I got up and started to run downstairs, with Mark chasing after me. I quickly grabbed a ketchup bottle and pretended to squeeze it all over Mark. He winced, thinking I actually squirted ketchup on him. I started to laugh until I had tears in my eyes. We then sat down and ate breakfast, while I would laugh occasionally. After that I cleaned the dishes while Mark sat down and played with his phone. I walked up to Mark to take a peek at what he was doing; just social media. I turned on the TV to watch the news and found out that I was on the news. It showed a picture of me and Mark in the rain when we were walking home. I nudged Mark's foot and told him to look at the TV. He was shocked. It showed a celebrity scandal between Mark Tuan and unknown woman. (which was Ji)
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