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Hello fellow Vinglers!!..

This Card is an Invitation to come Join our GOT7 community if you are passing by and visiting.. Join us so you can always be updated with all the fun and amazing stuff the boys are up to!! Or just enjoy the day of the week of your favorite GOT7 we have dedicated a day for each member so you can enjoy him and also MAKE YOUR OWN CARDS on your Bias..Yeeiiiih! So these are the Days..

Our Amazing IGOT7 TEAM came up with this idea to satisfy our members and their urge for their So if you love Jackson .. all you have to do is have fun on WILD & SEXY TUESDAYS! !

AAAANNND! We also have GOT7 screenshot games all around the community created by our IGOT7 TEAM itself OR by OUR Fantastic Members!! All you have to do is Join and follow and accept the CHALLENGES. .LOL!


and if you like fanfics.. you can also find GOT7 fanfics of all kinds.. our IGOT7 Team members @VeronicaArtino

and these are some of @VeronicaArtino stories.. I promise you will love them too.. lol.. go check them out.




YOU can also find the latest videos on GOT7.. our members are always on the look for what's going on and are very quick to publish, but for today I will delight you with some favorite GOT7 Music videos and songs. . well the FIRST 3 as you can see are the latest HIT The BOYS already have won five times with their POPULAR song FLY.. 4 times with HARD CARRY and 4 times with NEVER EVER as well so far.

"If You Do"

aaah! love the song and the choreography all of it!

" Confession Song"

this will always reminds me of Christmas of course lol


This song brought Me and GOT7

" Just Right"

I just love this song and they all look so cute..I mean who doesn't like this song. really..

" Girls Girls Girls"

OMG!! I just love them all .. plus their sexiest and the moves the flips My Markie-Pooh does..

"Stop Stop it"

Lmao! their outfit I just find them so funny looking with those overall Well I hoped you enjoyed some of our community amenities. . Hope everyone that comes around Join us..if you haven't yet..

I am @luna1171 I have been this community Moderator for one year and hopefully stay longer. .Is a pleasure to serve this community. . so .. Welcome to our community and I hope you stay..

see you around. .

IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters

Markie Pooh Mondays ➡ @luna1171

Wild &Sexy Tuesdays ➡ @MelissaGarza

BaeBumWednesdays➡ @LyiahBoon

JinYoung Thursdays  ➡@TaylorHill5

YoungJae Phenomanal Fridays➡

DabDab With BamBm Saturdays ➡ @jjrockstar and @TwistedPDnim

Gyeomie's  Sundays➡ @YulaGeom

I'm new hello~ forgot there was a Got7 community so I'm happy to be able to place my cards here :) 💙
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can you PLEASE tag me in this
o.o after readinh this i feel haunted by Jackson.... Jin Young SAVE ME -runs to him-
Please add me
@TaraJenner lol!! yeah..this card is actually here all the time for new people that come around to visit the community so the might join us...I always keep it on top...hehe
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