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Hello my battle Nakama!

It's time for the second fight of the Semifinals! There's a slight adjustment to Contestant Ichigo as he is in Hollow form. Is it enough to vanquish the Prince of Darkness? Once again no profiles for this round. For Ichigo's first fight: click here! For Alucard's first fight: click here!

The battle of beasts is about to begin! Let's do this!

Who wins and moves on to the Championship round!? It's up to you! Vote in the comments below!

Catch up on this tournament and all other Super Sunday's: click right here!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

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Alucard, ichigo is strong but he doesn't have a way to permanently and quickly kill alucard.
strength wise probably ichigo, but alucard is immortal so ichigo is screwed
oooo.... idk... if ichiho went berserk and went vastro lord idk if alucard could win... plus we dont even know ichigos power anymore...
Alucard. He is omnipresent, not to mention near immortal.