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~For all my Kai stans who may be feeling down due to recent news
Today was the day. After today you will officially be married to the man of your dreams, Kai. But the fact that today is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, does not stop you from running around your house freaking out over the possibility of something going wrong.   At some point while you are running around you pass a clock and notice that it is already 12:00. You are supposed to be at the church at 12:30 so you have enough time to get ready for the wedding. “Kai? Kai!” you practically shout through the house. “yes, georgeous?” a husky voice says from behind you. You turn around and see Kai standing in the doorway with a wide grin across his face. Just the sight of him manages to calm you down as you walk up to him and wrap your arms around his torso. He responds by gently doing the same to you as he buries his face into your hair. You can’t help but think about how lucky you are to be able to call this man your fiancé, and soon, your husband. Pulling away from the hug you look up into his eyes and completely ruin the moment by saying, “Remember, the wedding is at 4. You should be there at like 3ish just to make sure you're on time." “Yah, do you really think I’d forget?! How could I forget about the day I make you mine?!” He teases. “No, I’m just-” “Don’t worry baby, everything will go perfect and at the end of the day all that matters is I have you and you have me, ok?” “Okay.” You smile. *3:30* You had your dress on and makeup done and everything was ready and perfect, except for one thing. Kai still hadn’t arrived. Okay calm down he’s probably stuck in traffic or running a little late, it’s not like he forgot or anything, he couldn’t have, he said he wouldn’t. You twirled the two rings in your hand as you pulled out your phone and typed in his phone number, but as you did you suddenly got an call. You felt relief wash over you as Jongin’s face appeared along with the caller ID. “Kai, where are you?! The wedding starts in half an hour and you’re still not here!” You quickly rush to say as you pick up the phone. “Ummm miss?” You were startled as it was not Kai’s voice on the other end. “Oh, I’m sorry, who is this? Where’s Kai? Why do you have his phone?” “Listen, there’s been an accident.” “What?! What kind of accident?! What happened?! Is Kai ok?” “I’m sorry, there was a car crash and he’s being rushed to the hospital right now.” Your heart stopped. What happened?? No no no no no this can’t be happening. Not your Kai, not today, not ever. The weight on your hand lessened as your phone fell from your hand onto the floor, shattering the screen completely. You didn’t even bother picking it up as you ran from the room, in the church, you were in. You ran as fast as you could possibly run while in a wedding dress towards the front lot where your car was parked. Along the way you bumped into your maid of honor. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Why do you look so worried?” “Kai- late- car crash- hospital.” were the only words you could generate as you continued running to the car. Your maid of honor understood immediately and ran after you. “Y/N, wait!! Let me drive you! You’re so panicked you might cause another crash!!!!” You heard her say these words and, choosing to waste no time, jumped into the passenger seat. When you arrived you ran to the front desk to ask where he was. The lady at the front desk responded by telling you he is in surgery now due to some possibly fatal injuries he got during the crash. The nurse then proceeded to say it shouldn’t be that much longer and that you should go and sit in the waiting room. As you and your maid of honor sat in silence the first tear fell from your eyes, followed by another, and another, until there you were, full out sobbing, and staining your wedding dress with the tears. You thought about all the happy memories you two had together. Like the first time you met, and the time when he told you he loved you. Above all, you thought about the time when he asked you to marry him. You remember the excitement that rushed through your veins as he got down on one knee and looked up at you with those adorable puppy eyes. And you remember the exact words he spoke to you that night. I want you forever, forever and always, through the good and the bad and the ugly, we’ll grow old together, forever and always. Suddenly you felt someone shake you out of your thoughts and you looked up to see your maid of honor staring at you. You were about to say something but at that moment a man in a white coat approached you. “Are you here for Kai?” the doctor asked while looking between you and your maid of honor. “Is he okay?” you immediately spoke up. The doctor turned to face you and continued by saying, “He came in with injuries to his head, and some internal bleeding along with a bunch of broken bones. We were able to stop the bleeding and his right leg and right arm are both in casts. It was a close call but he should be fine. He is awake right now if you would like to see him.“ You frantically nodded and the doctor proceeded to lead you down the hall to a plain white door identical to multiple surrounding doors. You cautiously opened the door and braced yourself for what you might be seeing inside. And what you saw, well, it broke your heart. Kai lay in the middle of the room on one of those typical plastic hospital beds. He was hooked up to a large amount of monitors and machines, all making noises that stabbed you in the heart with every beat. You took cautious steps forward and you could feel your eyes begin to water as you took in his whole appearance. His right leg and right arm were bothed wrapped up into two different tight cocoons with nothing but his toes and fingers sticking out. He also had some form of bandage wrapped around his forehead along with multiple bruises covering him from head to toe. The small stream of tears soon became a full on waterfall as you took his hand in yours and were startled when you received a ever-so-slight squeeze in return. You watched with blurred eyes as his eyes slowly drifted open and locked them with yours. You noticed he seemed to be searching your eyes for something, but you couldn’t tell what exactly it was. "Hey,” his rough voice cut through the silence. “Hey,” you whispered. “I’m afraid I might be a little late for our wedding.” he said with a soft chuckle. You granted him a slight smirk before replying, “It’s okay, we can always reschedule.” At this, Kai cocked his head to the side and shook his head, “No, I don’t want to, why don’t we just get married now?” “Umm maybe because there isn’t anybody here to legally marry us?” “Eh, who needs them? I say we do this right now. I can’t stand not being your husband for another second.” “And how exactly are we going to do that?” you questioned, curiosity growing in your mind. “Like this,” and with that he pried the two rings out of your hand that you had completely forgotten you still had them with you. After he held both rings in his hand he took one and slipped it on your finger while saying the words that will last forever in your memory. I want you forever, forever and always, through the good and the bad and the ugly, we’ll grow old together, forever and always. <3

Thanks for reading!!! ^.^

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OMG!! Why Kai!?! UGH!!! That was so sweet!!
I love Krystal and I'm glad Kai is with her. But yeah my heart did break a little when I heard they were dating. This story made me feel better. Thanks.
Omg! Love it!
this made me cry like can we not OMG it hurts
Ugh! This was awesome! I loved it!
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