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jin's pov: finally after all these concerts we had a break. namjoon and I are going to the beach and suga is in charge of all the boys. me and suga made up. he finally accepted namjoon and I and V and jungkook are finally back on track. I think I'm starting to see jimin and suga together. they call that yoonmin? and we are called namjin and V and jungkook are taekook or Vkook and hobi says he loves his hope but he is obviously seeing someone. haha point is everything is just perfect finally. jin: alright boys were leaving goodbye! namjoon: ah you have to wait for me too jungkook: have fun I'll go get taehyung to say b- taehyung: no reason I'm right here goodbye guys have fun suga: have lots of fun but but not that fun jin: aish awkward hobi: enjoy jimin: bye guys! *jin and namjoon leave* *3 hours later* suga: time to eat little kids jimin: am I a little kid suga: no way you are babe jimin: awww taehyung: then again I'm in my 20's I'm not a little kid jungkook: I'm the youngest and im still not a little kid hobi: I'm actually leaving suga: for what hobi hobi: I'm going to uhm see someone jimin: enjoy hobi: thanks bye *hobo leaves* jimin: let's go spy taehyung: I'm in jungkook: same suga: okay let's go *spies on hobi and stops at a fishing spot* suga: why is he here taehyung: I don't know jungkook: why are we here jimin: to see what's really going on *car arrives* suga: oh my god. jimin: what is it? taehyung: min yoongi? jungkook: hyung? suga: that's SM entertainment. lol sorry its short I am busy as usual but check out the alien love. part 8 of jins love soon and part 9 of the alien love. tagging! @nnatalieg @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @cutebabylay @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @jessicacosta90 @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @passthesuga @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @msloyalheart @taehyungv @twistedpuppy @sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1 @Tiffanyhall @BBxGD @kpopandkimichi @midnightmadness @izzy987 @parkhwayoung @yaya12 @jinsprincess
"that's SM entertainment" xD
@CuteBabyLay lmao dramatic moment
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