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Why seek you the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen. The empty tomb teaches wonderful lessons. As we stand by it, we are assured, first, that Christ died. He was certainly dead, for Pilate had official inquiry made, and received assurance of the fact before he would grant leave for the burial. If any doubt had existed concerning His death, there could be none after the soldier had thrust the spear into His side. Here are the pieces of fine linen, which gentle hands had wound, round the limbs. Here is the napkin which covered His face, lying, neatly folded, by itself. Look closely at the place, for He was here – He was dead. It is very important that we get this truth well fixed in our minds, for on Christ’s death our redemption depends. But He is not now in His grave. There is no dead form lying there where He lay yesterday. The grave is empty, and it whispers a blessed truth to the Christian. Christ rose; so shall all who sleep in Him rise from their graves when He comes again.
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His life, who He is, is more than what the world offers.
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