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Ok guys, awesome story here! Ok so apparently yesterday at my school for the sixth graders was dress up as your fav book character day. Nobody really knew about it but a few people dressed up. There were teachers dressed as characters from Harry potter, students dressed as like, one of those girl Egyptian rulers, etc. but one specific girl caught my eye while walking down the hall to my art class. Me and my friend were deep in conversation about what anime to watch and what manga to read next. We were talking about Owari No Seraph at the time I noticed her. There, standing at her locker in complete uniform was a girl who dressed up in an AOT scout regiment cosplay outfit!!!! Once I noticed that I screamed and I got all jittery and stuff, which scared the shit outta my friend until she noticed what I was looking at and then she did exactly what I did! She was all out too! She had the jacket, the belt, the white pants and the black boots. ALL OF IT!!! I asked if I could get a picture of her so I could post it on here but she just laughed and I was all like, I'm being so serious rn that it's not even funny. But ya it was AWESOME!!!❤️ she looked just like Hanji!!
@MerrileeBark I know lol
@EmmaJolie Not by my pic, but by who I cosplay as. 😂
Hey, it's me!
@MerrileeBark r u sure? 😐😑