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Yep it's another Kris aka Wu Yi Fan Fanfic. Funny how I end up writing about him when he is not even my bias but one my BFF is his super yeah! *shrugs* Got to admit tho' he's a FF muse...hahaha Disclaimer: All stories published here are works of imagination & daydreaming unless stated otherwise. Names, characters, businesses, places, events & incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All stories published are Β©StarrySurprise
Damnit! Almost 12 am... Aaaahhh I just hope I don't wake up my Aunt, I prayed as I rang the doorbell. To my relief it was one of the maids who opened the door... Hi! Sorry to wake you up this late. My flight got delayed I said apologetically. No worries Ms.Sue, let me get your luggage. Thanks! Just leave it in here for tonight. I'm too tired to sort it out right now I mumbled as I dragged my tired legs up the stairs to my room. Without bothering to even turn on the lights I shrugged off my cloths & slumped down on the bed in my undies. I was asleep within minutes.... |Next morning| Hmmmmnnn....Nathaaaan I purrrrr as I snuggled closer & I wrapped my arms around his lean body. I tilt up my head & kissed the soft lips as I opened my eyes smiling... GOOD Mouuuuurrrn...... WHAT THEeeeeeeee!!!!! FUCK fuck fuck...I blinked twice before I curse again. WHAT THE HELL!!! WHO ARE YOUuuuuu??? I screamed kicking him as I pulled the sheet to cover my nearly naked body before jumping to the other side of the bed. *thup* Ouch.... Really! do you have to do that!!? The stranger said as he pulled himself up the floor & sat down on the corner of the bed. He had the nerves to smirk as he sat calmly looking at me. I knew he was trying not to laugh. Despite the embarrasement, I couldn't help staring at his naked chest as much as I was stunned. He was practically naked besides his boxer ~Shit! Sue focus I shook my head~ Again! Who the hell are you?? Get out of my room!!! I shouted... Calm down lady! Are you trying to wake the whole neighbourhood...? The stranger said trying to Sshhhs me. Don't Sssshhs me I said irritated but it didn't seems to bother him one bit. I'm Kris...Suho's friend. You must be the feisty cousin. Eh?? Wait what...!! Who???...never mind I mumbled. What the hell are you doing in my room? And before you answer, will you please put on some cloths? I asked trying to look anywhere except him. 'Why you don't like what you see? Kris smirks as he pulled on his tee. 'Psssst...seriously! Don't flattered yourself mister! I snap. Well...I'm just saying, you pretty much approved of it couple of minutes ago Kris teased. Oh shut-up! Just get out of my room!!! Kris laughed & started walking towards me. I pulled the sheet closer to my chest panicking now. As he reached beside the bed, he bend down & retrieved his pants which I hadn't seen earlier. Thanks to all the drama that just went down. I closed my eyes & let out a sigh of relief but that was short lived as I came face to face with Kris the moment I opened my eyes. I froze & just stared when he lean in & whispered into my ear 'Nice undies btw' 'See ya later' He winked before strolling out of the room & shutting the door. The pillow I flung only hit the door as I was too stunned to react then. I bolted for the door & locked it when I came to my senses. Shit shit shit....... I facepalm as I re-run the whole scene in my mind again. I shudder at the thought of the kissing....OMG! Why why why I stomp around the room. Never have I been more embarrassed in my life I moaned. Sleeping again was out of question. Pulling on a robe, I rang up one of the maids to bring up my luggage. Within 5 mins & all my possession was in my room. The maid informed that my aunt was also up. So I took a quick shower & headed down for breakfast. As I enter, my aunt looked up from her paper...'Oooooh my dear' she came rushing & pull me in for a bear hug. 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't stay up to welcome you last night' she said as she led me towards the couch. It's ok aunt, my flight got delayed & I reached here around midnight' I told her. As we sat down, my aunt turn towards me & held my face....'Oh goodness! Sue you have grown so much. The last time I saw you was when you were 10. I missed you & of course your mom & dad too. I'm so glad you came for the summers this time' I'm glad too, I said as I gave her another hug. Alright then, let's quickly have our breakfast & go for some shopping aunt said happily. You know, with Suho gone half of the time it gets pretty lonely here but I'm glad we're all here now, at least for the summer this time. My son & my favourite niece, I couldn't ask for more' she smiled. As we chit-chat, Suho strolls in half awake in his PJs. Hearing our voice he scanned the room, the moment his sleepy brain registered my presence, he brighten up & rush towards me. 'Hey Couzzzzzzzz.....omg! When did you come? I thought you're were supposed to arrive only this evening he said as he hugged & spin me around. 'Put me down will ya!' I giggled. After a couple of more spins, he put me down. So what's new princess? He teased. 'Ahhh....same old same old, nothing interesting. You tell me, little couz' I tease him back. Hey look who's talking, you're just a year older, mind you! he replied poking me. With that we got into our silly poking battle. We were running around the rooms trying to get the better of each other when I suddenly trip & fell flat on my face. Sueeeeee.......!!!! Suho came rushing. Rubbing my nose I started to get up when I notice someone's feet an inch away from me. I looked up only to see Kris trying hard not to laugh at me..... *Dear lord, please strike me down!!* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok this story is going to be One-Shot story divided into a couple of chapters...I don't know if that even make sense lol Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Don't forget to subscribe & comment if you like the story... Thanks for reading...Until the next chapter CHEERS! xoxo
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