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Hello my Z Warriors!

Welcome to this weeks DBZ Community challenge! here's an oldie but a goodie! Son Goku vs the Saiyan Prince Vegeta!

Now I know it seems like Goku would kick Vegeta's butt, but I wouldn't be so sure now. Vegeta and Goku are both Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans (that's a mouth full) and it's possible that Vegeta is as strong or even stronger than Kakarot!

Goku obtained the power of a Super Saiyan God through 5 Saiyans with a pure heart: Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta and Pan (still in Videl's womb). Goku was no doubt at another level; one at which he was able to compete with the God of Destruction Lord Beerus. Goku would later go on to achieve the level of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan after training with Whis the servant and mentor of Beerus. Goku has only been seen using SSJ God SSJ against his old enemy Frieza in Frieza's advanced stage known simply as Golden Frieza.
Vegeta has always been known to be second best to his arch rival Goku. Born as the Prince of planet Vegeta, Vegeta has always thought of himself as an elite warrior. Even though Kakarot, now known as Goku, is of a lower class, Goku has been able to out power Vegeta along the way. Goku was the first to obtain the power of Super Saiyan and even go beyond making all the way to SSJ 3. When Goku obtained the level of SSJ God Vegeta knew he had to train harder to surpass him. Vegeta would eventually convince Whis to train him on Beerus' planet; by giving Whis a cup of instant ramen (clearly the tastiest thing on earth). Vegeta trained with Whis for two months to achieve the level of SSJ God and would achieve the level of SSJ God SSJ after training with Goku for several more months. Only when Vegeta first arrived on Earth was he stronger than Goku but Goku has since surpassed him. Every time Vegeta got close or even beyond Goku's power, Goku would find a new height in power.

Is Vegeta finally stronger than Goku? Can the Prince of Saiyans finally take his thrown? What do you guys think? Let me know who will win in the comments below! Or create your own card and tell everyone why your pick would win! Thanks for reading Z Warriors! Have a great day!

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In dragon ball super Goku explains that he needed the help of 5 other sayains but Vegeta achieved that power on his own with no help. So Goku became a god with help while Vegeta became a god with his own power. So yes Vegeta would win
looking at them now. they would both fight equally. eventually wear out, and pass out. then go home and try again tomorrow. Probably go eat together and talk about it and keep practicing together. although I like goku better. over the years, I have seen them more of brothers. one can only be stronger than the other for brief moments.
Vageta is the superior tactician, and Goku is "a natural" who adapts as he goes along. So Goku gets stronger to push past his limits as he loves fighting, and Vageta just wants to be the best (or better than Goku) but they seem fairly equal now
im pretty sure power level means nothing. when it comes down to it, do or die, no one is stronger than goku at "maximum effort"
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