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Hey everyone! How was everyone's weekend? I got a lot of rest on Sunday and thanks again for those who reached out to me through the welcoming card! Today, I will introduce one of the trendiest 2016 hairstyle in Hollywood.

Boxer Braids

Chances are you'll seen this hairstyle appear on your Instagram feed. This type of braid is adorned by celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Amanda seyfried!
Boxer braid could be simply master with practice. I will explain the step below.


1. After parting your hair start making a three strand braid from the root on the first side. 2. Work your way down and braid them tightly complimenting your head shape.

Styling Tip 1:

If you head shape or hair is flat prep your hair by creating more volume before you begin braiding. Dry shampoo or texturizing spray are wonderful products for this purpose.

Styling Tip 2:

To create an edgier look do an inside out dutch braid.
Now, go out and flaunt your cute hairstyle at a music festival or spring date!
This versatile braid is suitable for sporty fashion.
And also everyday casual and lounge fashion.
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@lovelywhite13 Twin French braid is cute name! That sounds better than boxer braids but I think it was made popular because a many ladies wore them while boxing.
@hamlet it does look like a fuller, looser version of corn rows.
@HairConfetti it was for active girls then as well. I wore them when I was playing softball as a kid.
@lovelywhite13 The beauty of braids is it doesn't go out of style even after generations. It's refreshing to hear history of how people wore them in the past, so thank you for sharing!
@HairConfetti no problem