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Ugh! I bed to write an angst about Jin (bts) but I can't think of anything.... Everything I think of doesn't fit right so I can't use it. Comment below any suggestions for an angst of Jin...

Also, random pics, credit to owners.

Oh, you can also request fanfics below (doesn't have to be bts)
Okay I am kinda blushing now but here goes: -Jackson, a playboy, gives it all up to chase after you but you are cold to avoid a "player" but he makes it through to you and it's all playing with each other now. But a baby might be the end of it..... Or the start of something better. Oh gosh
Hmmmm I'm not much of an angst writer but you could write about one of these scenarios: -Jin cheats on you -Jin and you were lovers but he got into an accident -You and Jin have an argument -Abusive Jin Hope this helped!!
@Princess unicorn thank you so much!