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[VIXX] Mod Introduction

Hello and greetings everyone!

My name is Kelsey (but my moderator friends nicknamed me peaches bc I'm from GA) and I am one of the newly recruited moderators for the amazing community of VIXX and Starlights.
Our Mod Squad is called the VIXXENS which is the cutest and most clever name. In our group, I represent the leader of VIXX, Mr. Chabooty Hakyeon (or N).

The adult child baby haha

You all should know who my bias is in VIXX.


If you don't, then I will tell you that it is none other than the man I represent.

Cha Hakyeon!

@kpopandkimchi and I adore this many with all our hearts. Like he is an angel.
(well maybe a dark angel)
I am DEFINITELY kpop trash. No doubt about that.

My top favorite groups right now are:

And there are so many more that it's been a real struggle for me to hold on because my heart keeps getting torn by all these beautiful comebacks.
Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself and to be a part of such a wonderful community.


Tagging VIXXEN Mod Squad:

Tagging Starlights:

Hi Peaches! It's always awesome to see more people who love VIXX, and moderators at that! (I love the name VIXXENS.)
Welcome to the team
Hello peaches!
@lovetop Anyeong! ✋🏻
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