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Que tal!? For the last quarter I was the moderator for Latino Culture Community. I am proud to announce that I am once again the moderator for the community.

Here's a few new cool facts about me:

+ I am HUGE foodie! I love to cook, prepare, and eat food. You'll see me posting a lot of food-related cards.
+ I am a new vegetarian and have been for about 2 months!
+ I like to talk a lottttt on Vingle, so you'll see me around often. Hehe!
+ I am Puerto Rican, and I have a special place in my heart for foods from Mexico, Brasil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Colombia.
+ I LOVE Latin dancing (socially, not professionally). My favorite dances are bachata and salsa.
For the last quarter @JazzieJazz was my awesome support and she did an amazing job at helping me get the community active and friendly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Want To Be Support?

If anyone would like to volunteer to be my support for the community for this quarter, please comment or message me. We can help each other create fun challenges, get people talkin', encourage other users, and just overall help keep the community fun and safe.


Thanks to those who make this community awesome:

If you're new, introduce yourself! :)

great card... this year is s busy year for me. I apologize for not being more active. but all should know @alywoah is awesome!!! I will still be around just not as much because of work and school.
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@Jazziejazz thank you for doing what you could, even with your busy schedule!!!!! I hope you're doing well :) :)
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