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Chapter 10
I on the TV to watch the news and found out that I was on the news. It showed a picture of me and Mark in the rain when we were walking home. I nudged Marks foot and told him to look at the TV. He was shocked. It showed a celebrity scandal between Mark Tuan and an unknown woman. (which was Ji) Mark quickly got up grabbed his jacket and ran out. I quickly ran out without a jacket following Mark. 'Was he really that mad at me?' I kept repeating in my head. When I got that thought out of my head, I realized I was about to bump into someone. I can't stop myself. "Watch out!" I yelled before landing on top of them. "I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going and..." "MARK?!" I was a little bit more relieved that I landed on top of Mark and not some stranger. I quickly got up with a flushed face. He then grabbed my wrist and pulled me in JYP. "Why are you bringing me here?" "I need to talk to my boss." He said. "I'll bring you to our room." He brought me to a room with 6 boys. OMG is that the rest of Got7. *internally fangirling* I saw Mark leave while closing the door. "Um... Hi, I'm Ji Hung." I said really nervously. "No need to introduce yourselves, I already know who you are." "It would be a little rude to not introduce ourselves to a pretty lady like you." Yugyeom said while blushing. "Yeah, I guess." I said back. "I'm JB the leader." He said with a charming smile "I'm the Wild and Sexy Jackson." I started to giggle after he said that. "I'm the lead vocalist, Youngjae." "I'm the funny JR." "I'm the cute BamBam." "And I'm the maknae Yugyeom." he said while blushing. "And I'm guessing you already know Mark." JB said. "Yes." I replied. "How long have you known each other?" Jr asked "About 2 months." I started to say. "I hear Mark talk about you all the time." I started to blush. "You guys must be really close." BamBam said while showing the news to me. "I already know, that's the whole reason I came here; so Mark could talk to his boss; he just dragged me here." I said *talked for an hour.*
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