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My Issue With Cosplay Now.

I love Cosplay! Let me start off with that. For many, myself included, it gives the opportunity to be your favorite character. For that brief moment, I am Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn, or whoever I fancy on being at that time. Yeah me! So, what's the issue? (Remember this is just my opinion.) I guess I am just tired of the perfect models posted on every Cosplay media I am on. I remember a time when it was all about creating a costume. I know people are still out there making their own and not caring about the figure of the character they are recreating. Yet, my pages do not show them with their proud creations, but professional photographs of modelesque people.
Yep! Totally what I am talking about. Maybe it is because I am a girl. Maybe it is because now I know that if I Cosplay, I will not look like this.
I just needed to vent my frustration. I am sure some of you will disagree. Oh well. Here's me being a bad angel at a Halloween party. And the first picture I just like. And my oldest is big into Bioshock.
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Yeah I agree. I'm not into the professional cosplay I much prefer the amateurs. I like it when someone works really hard on a cosplay and they get to show it off. They might not look perfect but I appreciate it more.
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