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↝Dragon's Prey↜ is On!!!
Here my story, a sad sad story... as my love Pride Queen@KwonOfAKind has broke my heart!!!! I will show you the evidence..
As our new quarter started yesterday... Me↜poor innocent girl, were checking on our list of Moderator And Supporting Team ↥↥↥↥↥↥This is what I see!!!! Tell me why!!!! Kwonnie doesn't want me anymore.... she throw me aways like a trash!!!'....I am not on the supporting team.... This is painful love...
As I always defending her and her Pride... put myself in danger position for her.. to safe her.
I will no longer be her protector... I am breaking our relationship.... as to my ExxxxxKwonnie, revenge is on!!!!
If you girls know how I feel.... Please I am asking you for help... Please help to VOTE ↝★Dragon's Prey★↜ for me...!!!! I will no longer be that innocent Here is the link... please Vote For me My feeling were hurt... very badly hurt!!! ↘VOTE Dragon's Prey↙ girl!!!...#RevengeToMyExxxxKwonnieNowOn @BBxGD@Helixx@catchyacrayon@JiyongLeo
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You all must know... once u voted once.. thats it ... u cant re vote again. @katyng52 @MichelleRosa
2 years ago·Reply
@BBxGD No... BBx... why why... you don't want me.... wuwuuuwuu... where should I go... there is No Love!!! No Love!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop babe i freakin love you...but remember.. fair game !!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@BBxGD I m being fair... I let @KwonOfAKind win the VOTE for her story with her ultimate Bae GD ..... I think I had been super nice to her!!! I just got dump by her as Ex supporter how much nicer u r asking to do... I m human... just a normal human 😢😢😢😢
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop ok babe. I accept it. 💖
2 years ago·Reply