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Facts of the fight - Robin has 12 hours of prep time.
I just want to let my side be known before the battle starts I think Robin would win.
But let me know what you guys think in the comments below.
FIGHT !!!!
@MalcolmAllen I agree 100% plus he has prep time. not saying that Ed is stupid, but hes going against little batman.
Damian, robin would win... It's scary how smart he is and with prep time...
wow this is extremely hard. my heart goes out to ed but 12 hours of prep time for Robin. it's like the batman vs superman. except he won't say Martha and then they become friends
1000% ed. my boy is a genius. and has alchemy and to suggest that lil bat could easily beat alchemy would belittle the entire anime. im not saying it'll be a easy fight but ill say it'll be good
yea it's the prep time that mostly decides this fight for me. in those 12 hours Damian will find a way to win
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