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@IsoldaPazo wow so far away! how long does it take to get here if you happen to know and if you dont mind where in the caribbean are you? i love the caribbean so much and i wanna go so bad. im in dallas but im not able to go 😒
omg so lucky- i wanted to go but i heard got7 and bts are coming are theyre my ultimates so yeah
I hope you enjoy your time! can't wait for pics I'm going next Friday to their Dallas one (flying in from the Caribbean 😧😧😧😧)
@MirandaStephens I'm from/in Puerto Rico and it's 6 hours and 15 min flight from here to Dallas. (I'm doing the direct flight) yass you should! southwest has good deals on Tuesdays around 1:30 pm lol. and nooo, if you decide to go to GOT7 in July I'll be back jaja. make more chingus
Omg really? But thank you, I'll post as many pictures as I can