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I just played that screenshot game I published with my invitation Card for the community.
..I really like the RESULTS LOOK!! so my BUBBLE BUDDY IS..
JIRONYIE...AawwJinyoung Eomma..of course he likes to play but sometimes he is too strict ahhaha..
My Best friend .. I couldn't ask for something better ..Our ray of sunshine is Best friend material defenitly..
Skip with BAE!! .. those cute aygos. . the kings of aygos he is just loks adorable doing those aygos lol..
OOOOH MYYYY GAAAAAAWWDDD! ! I was actually praying to GET Mark!!. BUT I won't complain I got someone that equals the same!!!..JACKSON!!!
Lunch Date!! Too much.. too much ..of course it came out with the Hubby.. hahahha this was amazing .. I was really surprised with the results and I love it.. Come on guys play it.I challenge you to play it and post your results..
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Recent is one I will tag u in few ok so you can have an idea..