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GOT7 Screenshot Game Results.
I just played that screenshot game I published with my invitation Card for the community. https://www.vingle.net/posts/1508091-JOIN-Our-GOT7-Kpop-community
..I really like the RESULTS LOOK!! so my BUBBLE BUDDY IS..
JIRONYIE...AawwJinyoung Eomma..of course he likes to play but sometimes he is too strict ahhaha..
My Best friend .. I couldn't ask for something better ..Our ray of sunshine is Best friend material defenitly..
Skip with BAE!! .. those cute aygos. . the kings of aygos he is just loks adorable doing those aygos lol..
OOOOH MYYYY GAAAAAAWWDDD! ! I was actually praying to GET Mark!!. BUT I won't complain I got someone that equals the same!!!..JACKSON!!!
Lunch Date!! Too much.. too much ..of course it came out with the Hubby.. hahahha this was amazing .. I was really surprised with the results and I love it.. Come on guys play it.I challenge you to play it and post your results..
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@JaeLayJooWonho..here is one I will tag u in few ok so you can have an idea..
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