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For the sake of this fight, lets pretend that Batman is a character in the Naruto universe. So he has chakra, all kinds of jutsu, hes super fast, etc.
Two very intelligent strategists, and skilled martial artists face off in this Comic/Anime vs battle.
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I say batman even without the chakra he can read a person's movements easily plus if you think he fight stuff like this all the time and comes out on top but the fight would be epic
@ProdByJewfy yes but you forget he deals with scare crow
@ProdByJewfy and bro I totally agree batman would be amazing the naruto universe
@ProdByJewfy well I believe batman has strong mental prowess so genjutsu won't be much use meaning kakashi is limited to taijutsu and ninjutsu. I wouldn't say kakashi is faster because let's not forget batman has pushed his physical abilities passed that of any Olympic athlete so they'll probably be on par with speed. kakashi is a great tactician and strategist but batman is better and let's not forget batman is a trained ninja who can easily keep himself hidden from even the eyes of Superman. I'm not saying it won't be tough for batman considering kakashis arsenal but batman can quickly figure out ways to turn them to his advantage during in battle situations.
batman even without chakra
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