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For the sake of this fight, lets pretend that Batman is a character in the Naruto universe. So he has chakra, all kinds of jutsu, hes super fast, etc.
Two very intelligent strategists, and skilled martial artists face off in this Comic/Anime vs battle.
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genjutsu is something you have to train to withstand. he has a very strong mental prowess but hes been mentally broken before, and that's exactly what. a genjutsu would do to him, and he might not even know that hes in it for a long time and who knows it could be to late. now if he was a naruto character you can totally forget about that he cuz his genjutsu defence would be in point. &superman has X-ray vision, kakashi has more like combat vision Batman is good at predicting movements, but kakashi has eyes that literally function to do that very thing. and lastly speed. in naruto the way they leap from tree to tree soaring through the sky while casually holding conversation, leads me to believe that their leg muscles are fuckin ridiculously strong, no body on earth could do that. not even five Olympic athletes put together. so they probably run multiple times faster than that of an Olympic athlete. batman is fast as fuck tho I bet
oh and he wouldnt even know about genjutsu or to not look him directly in the eyes on his first encounter with kakashi. and I think batman is the look um in the eyes type. so he might totally fuck himself there. but if he was a naruto character kakashi gets fuckin stomped @MalcolmAllen
@ProdByJewfy yes but you forget he deals with scare crow
@MalcolmAllen I did. enlighten me please
I would say batman because kakashi is know through out the land as the copy cat. therefore batman would know how to face him and it would be a close call coming down to chidori able to connect being the deciding factor.