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Hey guess what? You get to go on a date with UNIQ ... but there's a catch... it's bound to fail. like thanks @MadAndrea. .. what a novel idea. anyway, lol, here we go!

Really, this isn't that bad... thankfully I brought a yellow umbrella. .. *winkeu winkeu*
Oh how awful... There's not much worse feelings than nauseous when trying to look good and have fun. But I keep dramamine in my bag... so we're good.
First off what business to I have expecting the fetus to pay for my meal anyway? ?? I got this.
Ok first off, we are all wet from being caught in the rain even with a small umbrella... now this??? Good thing he's cute... *giggles giggle* But those parents. .. I swear... slow your roll and buy your kid an umbrella.
Evidently the parents got under his skin... he's 0 outa 3 right now... not looking good Yixie... You need to get a hold of yourself son... I am not carrying you home.

*Calls Yibo, he owes me anyway*

What an exhausting date...

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@MandyNoona yeah i know πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
These were amazing XD I love your commentary! I love when people do commentary. and apparently Yixuan needs to start looking at a damn weather channel because he's taken like ten girls out in the rain. maybe he just likes girls in wet blouses
Omg @MadAndrea naughty Yixie! !
@MadAndrea and thank you, commentary makes it more fun. glad you enjoyed it!
@MandyNoona I always enjoy your posts πŸ˜„