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Over the past couple of months we have seen countless overpriced (and sometime unoriginal) donut variations.
Today, I wanted to share something new. The dessert is called "water cake."
The dessert is a variation on shingen mochi, a Japanese dessert made from gyuhi. It is served with kinako, a roasted soybean powder, and a brown sugar syrup called kuromitso.
Originally introduced by Kinseiken Seika Company in Japan, the “cake” is made with water gathered from the southern Japanese Alps which is then stabilized using a mystery ingredient.
If executed correctly, the “cake” should roll and jiggle, but remain fragile and easy to break. To be honest, this seems like the type of food item that enjoying and watching made live would really be a fun experience.
Smorgasburg’s outdoor markets in Brooklyn will begin serving mizu shingen mochi, a.k.a. water cake.

What would you pay for some water cake? Do you think this will catch on in the states?

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it's not a true cake, just lost in translation. It's more like a "yogun" which is made from agar, this one is made from seaweed extract (also agar but a different sub-species?) that has a much delicate texture than agar. The texture closely resembles to water jelly. You can probably achieve it with gelatin sheet.