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Ok so I'm making this card not only cause I'm grateful towards BTOB for dragging me into Kpop.but also because there well known but some people I talk to don't really know them so I'm going to introduce you beautiful people to the boy group that I'm thankful for bringing me into Kpop!!!!
first let's start with getting to know the members position in the group. ok so his name is : Jung Ilhoon position: Main Rapper his birthday: October 4th his age : 21 / Korean age :22 his favorite color is: Red height: 5'9 he's my bias of BTOB basically my first Korean guy I liked , I personally like him with black hair and that brownish type color you see in the second pic. Lol I even gave you his IG your welcome he has two tattoos one going across his chest and one on his wrist. IG: ilhoonmj fact: he can be conceded at times, he's weird at times as well (^__^)
Name: Lee Minhyuk Birthday: November,29th position: lead rapper , Visual Age : 25 ( 26 ) ⬅ Korean age my bias wrecker... he also acts drama's he's been in so far that I know of are. A New Leaf , Sweet Savage Family IG: btob_2mh fact: he has his days were he's really hyper
Name :Yook Sunjae Birthday: May ,2 position: Sub Vocal, Visual, Maeknae Age: 20 ( 21 ) ⬅ Korean age Most of you may no him as an actor drama's he's been in so far that I know of are , School 2015, 1998 I think and others Oh and he was on We Got Married with Joy from Red Velvet IG: 6_zalddow fact: he's the second craziest member
Name: Shin Peniel Birthday: March ,10 position: Rapper Age: 23 fact: he's from Chicago he's good friends with Amber and Markson what is up with them taking pictures with no shirts on its like they don't care if I live (〒︿〒) IG: btobpenial
Name: Lim Hyunsik Birthday: March,7 position: vocalist Age: 24 ( 25 )Korean age fact : has a beautiful eye smile IG: imhyunsik is it just me or do I see someone's butt (⊙_⊙)
Name: Lee Changsub Birthday: February,26 position: Lead Vocalist Age: 25 ( 26 )Korean age fact: here we have none other than the craziest of them all lol aww look at him with his mommy IG : LEE_CS_BTOB
Name: Seo Eunkwang Birthday:November,22 Position: Main Vocalist, Leader Age: 25 ( 26 )Korean age fact: till this day he's still learning how to perfect in doing aygyeo IG: btob_silver_light he rarely takes pictures so it was hard to find some cause all he post is videos
@GriseldaZenger *hugs you* me to 😁😁😁😁💕
@NasiaWright oh shit for real
@twistedPuppy I already posted it
♥ Love finding other Melody's!
@twistedPuppy I'm going to post another one were you get to know there personality's and some music videos
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