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The past couple of months have been horrible for Chipotle.
The business suffered a huge PR meltdown over health issues in locations.The E. coli outbreak in October 2015 affected 50 people in more than 11 states. Branches across the globe suffered big losses.
Time, like most things, heals wounds. Chipotle has worked on a bit of rebranding and slowly people are starting to give their food another chance. In an effort to expand their customer base, Chipotle applied for a trademark on the phrase “Better Burger” which allegedly is part of a burger business plan.

Would you give Chipotle burgers a shot?

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@DustinAtkinson if that's the case, then said shit is delicious
@kool99kat lol the realness of that comment is unreal on your end, lol. Cant knock ya at all lol
@dustinAtkinson yeah, they could use a bit of work on the presentation lol
@koolkat99 images of the Burger chain have not released yet as far as I know, if you find some lmn and I'll switch the image for sure
@christianmordi it's cool, just bored so i looked at the order haha