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{NC} What Anime Character Am I Most Like, Day one

So this is a 15 day challenge made by @InVinsybll, called the Nakama Campfire Challenge. Here is my card for day one...

Juvia Lockser

I feel like I am the most like Juvia out of the anime characters I know for a few reasons. Here are a couple things we have in common...


I really like water and Juvia is made out of water. If I could control an element or have a special magical ability then it would be to control water.

We are both Fangirls

In her case she is a Gray fangirl, I also really like Gray, and I am an anime fangirl. We both are very passionate about the person or thing that we love the most.

Weird Fantasies

I am most definitely like Juvia when it comes to fantasizing. She is always having fantasies about Gray and I always fantasize about stuff.
@InVinsybll oops, must have read that wrong. I fixed it though
awesome! but it is actually a 15 day challenge, I just put up the first 7 so people can plan a little ahead if they want. dooe card!
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