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Can someone explain why ToppDogg is not an appreciated group?

I have just started to watch some of ToppDogg's MV because I randomly found them on YouTube. I haven't really looked into the group yet, but it seems like they have good music and great personalities but they are not popular. Why is that? Is it something to do with the company? Or something to do with the boys? I know that there has been drama with the company and the members are struggling, but I can't find that many articles about it. I thought that asking this community would be best because I can get more information than just reading a few articles. I hope you guys can help me understand since I'm a relatively new kpop fan.
^ If you guys haven't seen their new video its pretty lit.
^ A video posted by ChoNunMigookSaram where ToppDogg Pronounce Western Female Names
To be honest i have no idea why ToppDogg is so underrated. They deserve so much more attention. They have amazing songs and the work so hard . In fact the storyline for the song Topdog talks abt how the deserve appreciation and fame .They work as hard as Famous Groups and rookies today but dont get the attention that they deserve......
Honest to goodness I'm convinced it's their company. I know for me, it is at least. I strongly dislike Stardom. After what they did to Block B. No. Just No. And the fact that the CEO tries to associate Topp Dogg members to Zico and even Song Mino gets to me. It's like he's trying to use them to boost their popularity rather than work on advertising and letting those amazing boys make their own name. Fiy I have topp Dogg songs and I like them. I just dislike stardom.
maybe its the company 😟 idk I love ToppDogg so I wish they were more popular like they deserve to be 💕💕
I love Topp Dogg & they don't get promoted like other groups do. They're underrated & deserve a lot more
😫 seriously! I've been a TOPPKLASS for a looooong time and I just don't understand why they aren't more popular ;-; they have loads of talent and deserve so much more love!!! I really wish that there was a TOPP DOGG community on here 😞😢
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