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how to choose a bts bias
easy you can't.

however here are some things that might make finding at least your first bias easier :-)

(also ! if you don't know the members already this will help!)

*warning* these pictures may cause you to melt so.....

name : kim namjoon stage name : rap monster position : leader, rapper namjoon is probably one of the most compassionate people ever and he loves doing what he's amazing at. rapping. he's always a good leader and takes care of the *cough* kids. he's also such a cutie okay. he also is pretty fluent in english so that's a huge plus (●´□`)♡
name : kim seokjin stage name : jin position : vocalist ahh.. momma jin (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡ seokjin is like the mom of bangtan if i'm going to be completely honest. he's the one who actually knows how to cook out of the seven. he takes care of them so well and he even knows how to quiet down yoongi ! i think that jin is one of the most under appreciated people in bangtan and so is namjoon for that matter. but jin has such a nice voice and he's just a great guy (/•ิ_•ิ)/
name : jeon jungkook stage name : jungkook (easy to remember right?) position : maknae, vocalist, rapper the golden maknae (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ so refreshing to look at jungkook. if you don't know already, he's called the golden maknae. he can do tons of things just name stuff ! he does english covers that are amazing, he's good at girl group dances, and he has such a good voice ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ jungkook is honestly a living meme so
name : jung hoseok stage name : j-hope position : rapper , lead dancer okay hobi is so so wonderful and he can bring a smile to your face at anytime. he's not like the sun he basically is the sun ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ hobi is an amazing dancer and rapper also i think he's been improving his vocals so yay good job hobi!
name : park jimin stage name : jimin (easy to remember) position : vocalist ah jimin.. he's so cute yet so well... sexy aT THE SAME TIME. actually same with tae. bUT anyway, jimin is one of the cutest people ever and he always cares for the other members but sometimes he gets rebellious and goofs of with the rest of the maknae line. beware he's a huGE bias wrecker . (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* he's so good at singing too (* >ω<) there was a performance of dope that i watched and i practically melted when jimin was singing but one warning he has no jams \(T∇T)/
name : min yoongi stage name : suga position : main rapper yoongi is so hardworking and i think that he should get more credit for everything he's done for the group. he tends to be called the grandpa of the group not because he's the oldest (which he's not), but because he just loves his sleep and he probably nags like a grandpa sometimes idk. i get the feeling you if anyone gave yoongi a full day break he's sleep through the entire day. but yoongi is adorable and quite relatable. and like jimin, hES A HUGE BIAS WRECKER.
name : kim taehyung stage name : v position : vocalist taehyung is the cutest one. (ahem. let me start over. forgive me tae is my UB and well...) taehyung is the second youngest in the group and i'd say the most well.. interesting... one. he tends to be a little wacky at times and that's something to live about him. aND HIS VOICE UGH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. he has a very deep voice and sometimes he's like an 8 year old with a 20 year old guy's body. anyway, he can be strange sometimes but he's very hardworking (personally i think he should get more parts in songs and same goes with jin) i think people have calls him an alien and some people have said that's more of a derogative term. so let's just avoid calling him that okay? he's the 4D member of the group and you might've seen him featured in someone's card for the fantasy kpop event in March!
hopefully that helped you find a bias. lmao just kidding you can never have just one bias in BTS. there's always going to be a bias wrecker(s). my first bias was tae and then yoONGI AND JIN CAME ALONG and my bias list was crushed so...
who's your bias in BTS and why? comment your story below (/•ิ_•ิ)/
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jungkook he's just so ugh his voice is beyond amazing and yes he's a walking meme it's hilarious I love how adorable he is and fearless he is as well and how he's so adorkable he's super sweet and caring lil maknae he can make my day go from sad to happy in 1.2secs of just seeing a picture of him and. could go on tbh like I can write a book on why he's my ultimate bias ewe but omf let's keep it simple owo but suga and jimin are total bias wreckers ewe but now I have a huge HUGE BIAS WRECKER and that's kim namjoon omf lol
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Jungkook is my bias in BTS!!!! 😄 He's just so attractive and his voice is just to die for!! And his dancing skills are so amazing and he's so funny and can always make me smile~~ And his smile!! It's so adorable and happy making!!!! He's also only three years older than me so that's a huge plus!!! Ahhhhhhh I just can't!! I love them all but Jungkook will always have the biggest piece of my heart~~~ *^* Also, and once you guys figure out your bias go and check out my BTS popularity ranking and vote for your bias!!!! I'm kidding by the way, I just had to say it cx Well...I mean you can if you want to, but you don't have to!! CX
a year ago·Reply
By the way, what's up with calling V an alien?? I was always kind of confused as to why people called him an alien so....I'm not really sure what's happening now??
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