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This is for you guys that haven't started Fairy Tail and are interested. I'm gonna try to not go into great detail if I can; if not at least I put a warning. Better to be safe😊. Out of all the anime characters that I have watched, studied, and bonded with Lucy Heartfilia is definitely the one I'm most like.
Physically we couldn't be anymore different lol but emotionally we're one in the same... What really made me connect with her was when I saw the relationship she had with her father...
Like Lucy my dad wasn't really there when I needed him and it caused me a lot of pain. However both Jude Heartfilia and my dad realized what they did because they both started to become more supportive. My relationship with my dad isn't the strongest right now but I feel like it's better. Lucy managed to bond with her father after many years and now so am I.
The bond she shares with not only her Celestial Spirits but also the rest of her Fairy Tail nakama reminds me of my own with my best friends. Like her I found a family in my friends and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Last but not least her personality is just so amazing and draws people in. She, like myself, would drop everything in order to help others out. I've watched her grow a lot in the series and she still is I hope in the end she gets the happiness she deserves! @InVinsybll