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안녕하세요 Destinies. Time to estart! *^○^*
Día 1: Favorite Gene & wae (왜). -Lee Seyoung (이 새영), aka the Miracle Gene. His stare, husky voice, laughter, hands just almost (if not all) of him. He's so beautiful (men are allowed to be beautiful right?) It's like every time I watch their mvs, my eyes have to find him first lol. I can't. For these quick answers are why he's my favorite..there's more but then this card becomes longer than intended. ■Yay pictures!! (none are mine, thank the internet) And that gif though. ay dios mío.
Día 2: Who's your wrecker. -Big time wrecker if not my UB....seriously what am I supposed to do with this man like just let me have my favorite for a day. ㅠ_ㅠ
And you can thank his face, body, non smiling serious pictures, his stance and E) all of the above. ♤and his gif, gotta hold my chest every time... (Youngjae from GOT7 explains my feels: last pic)
Tagging my lovely small Destiny Vingle familia. @AimeeH @Tigerlily84. Gracias for the tags. Besos!
@AimeeH why thank you. I'll try to live up to these men beautiful name
I love this!! ♡♡
@IsoldaPazo Awe dear!! I know you can!!