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This card is a guide to help you with Learning about Cross Gene, if you are new to them. While it may be true that my 6 supports, babies, and myself knows them and love them, others may not.

《:Cross Gene For Beginners:》

☆ I created the pics XD

Let's Start with the introduction of each member, and a Perfect Discription of each Gene.

☆ This will be from in Chronological Order of ages.
Birth Name: Lee Se Young

Stage Name: Seyoung

Nickname: Miracle Gene Birthday: February 8, 1990 Position: Lead Vocalist Height: 180 cm (5'9")


→ Songwriting: both lyrics and composition → Place of Birth: South Korea
Birth Name: Zhong Ze Xiang

Stage Name: Casper

Nickname: Wild Chic Gene Birthday: March 20, 1991 Position: Main Rapper and Main Dancer Height: 176 cm (5'7") → Place of Birth: Shanghai, China  → Special Skills:B-boy, Rap, Singing, Streetsports, X-Game → Life Motto:”就算失败了, 努力过, 也是值得的.” / “Even if you fail, knowing that you tried is still worth it.”  ➡ Friends with Andy A47 from Underdogg
Birth Name: Shin Won Ho

Stage Name: Shin

Nickname: Presh Gene Birthday: October 23, 1991 Position: Vocalist and Face of the Group Height: 185 cm (6'0") → Place of Birth: South Korea ☆ PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:  → CM Model Award, 7th Annual Asia Model Festival (2012) ☆ COMMERCIALS:  → Bean Pole with G-Dragon of BIGBANG → Skin Food 15 → KT olleh → Cyworld → Dunkin Donuts  ☆ DRAMAS: → Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011) → RUN60 (2012) → Big (2012)

☆☆ Casper & Shin Chose the remaining members of Cross Gene.

Birth Name: Terada Takuya

Stage Name: Takuya

Nickname: Gorgeous Gene Birthday: March 18, 1992 Position: Leader, Vocalist, and Face of the Group Height: 187 cm (6'1") → Place of Birth: Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan  ☆ DRAMAS:  → Sign (2011) → RUN60 (2012) → The Lovers
Birth Name: Kim Sang Min

Stage Name: Sangmin

Nickname: Organic Gene Birthday: July 7, 1992 Position: Rapper and Lead Dancer Height: 178 cm (5'8") → Place of Birth: South Korea ➡ Acrobatic Jumping Frog ➡ Close to Jota From Madtown
Birth Name: Kim Yong Seok

Stage Name: Yongseok

Nickname: Mypace Gene Birthday: January 8, 1993 Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae Height: 176 cm (5'7") ➡ Place of Birth: South Korea  ➡ Great at Memorizing Things ➡ Mischievous Maknae
Okay! Let's Listen To and Watch their Videos ♡

《La Di Da Di》

♢ This was their Debut song. I love their live versions, so I chose this one. ♢ They have great stage presence.

(You're welcome for Casper's body wave.)

Who likes fun videos?! I DO! That being said, Here is a fun one.

나하고 놀자 《》Play With Me.

This song was their 2015 Comeback. They had a lot of fun and you could tell.

《Not A Boy, Not Yet a Man》Est. Nov. 2014

♢ This video was perfection in 3 mins.

Sky High [With U Japan Tour]

☆ Chica Bonita we freak out get into the beat. I want cha gon get cha So catch up Loca senorita. . . ☆☆ Casper's extremely adorable in this. ☆☆☆ They are all adorable. ☆☆☆☆ Look at their Stage presence.
Last but not Least!

♡ Noona You! ♡

Their January comeback!! Absolutely love the song and album!

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♢ Rights to Original owner of the videos ♢
If you'd like to be tagged in future Cross Gene Cards, let me know in the comments.
jaja I love your captions on their pictures...your bias will know be known as mcmine aka @AimeeH jaja
thanks hun I needed this
why am I just knowing who they are? where the he'll have they been for ever?
Casper: allergic to sleeves Casper: wears long sleeves EXCUSE ME I DEMAND A REFUND.
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