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Anime's have families in them somewhere somehow this is what I believe I would want mine to be :3 brought to you by @supbroscene
WAIFU: Simca Anime: Air Gear Simca is a perfect choice for me because she's got intelligence behind what she does, she's manipulative and knows how to hold her own in a fight. Things that she does has purpose and is toward an overall goal...plus she's smoking hot not like I'm about to gloss over that, or her nickname...let's just say I'd be happily married xD
Daughter: Sakura Kiyashiki Anime: Assassination Classroom My daughter would be Sakura, why you ask? I believe Sakura would have traits of her mother where she is manipulative to get what she wants, however would be more like me in the attitude department xD but like her mom deep down she's just a sweetheart.
Son: Gao Mikado Anime: Future Cars Buddyfight Gao would be my son because he is a spitting image of me and his mother. While unfortunately he would have my temper he would also be quick witted never thinking about giving up, fighting for what's right and true like me :3 and like his mother he would be thinking about the long term solution and is just a nice person :)
Godfather: Ichigo Kurosaki Anime: Bleach I don't even have to think about this one...well actually that's a lie I was scratching my head trying to figure out how I'm going to fit Ichigo Kurosaki into the answer because he's the first person I thought of for the family xD Anyhow while there are many who could protect my children, I can think of no other that I would TRUST like Ichigo. He's honest and knows his limitations but his strength, skill, quick thinking, and desire to protect are all unquestionable reasons why Ichigo would be my first choice.
Aunt: Erza Scarlett Anime: Fairy Tail Gao and Sakura are EASILY like Erza. Always the fighter Erza would be the perfect aunt for her niece and nephew. While a sweet and loving person if you piss her off or mess with her family true hell will be unleashed, Gao has her fighiting spirit and Sakura her charm. Guess the traits just run in the family :D
Aunt: Moka Akashiya Anime: Rosario+Vampire With a split personality she's the perfect auntie for Sakura being able to tell her when it's best how to act one way or the other. Moka also has crazy strength and could protect her niece from harm, Ura Moka has a fiery temper and could teach Gao it's not always best to have an attitude and sometimes it's best to do things at a slower pace. Ura Moka and me would also be best friends because of how direct she is xD but butting heads because of our attitudes.
So how did I do? Comment who you would like to be your family again I got the idea from @supbroscene so check his out for the original details here https://www.vingle.net/posts/1505464-You-re-dream-Future-Life-game-Anime-edition :3
@supbroscene thanks I just figured that's what you were doing, so really I was only a copy cat xD
that's an intresting big family lol! and I like the way you linked them all together in one way or another with their personalities! 😊