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Hello every one. Ash here with a answer to the challenge. Akisiha Yoshii resembles my personality perfectly. In the anime hes an idiot with a good heart thats always ready to help his friends! Im the same why always being kind and helping my frineds. Hes an idiot like me and we both have friends that mean the world to us.
In addition hes a pervert just like...yes me. *Waifu Wensday should be evidence* We both love BOOBS! Sorry ladies in the crowd. But We BOTH LOVE THEM! But seriously its really funny how we both have that trait.
But overall both me and Yoshii love video games and our lives are always a laugh and an exting day. He fights for his friends like i do. We both have our ups and downs but we both overcome them! I can relate to him. From being having fun. We both are total idiots that have fun till the very end. No matter what. And yes even in love life i have been able to relate to Yoshii. We both believe that a girl we like is out of our league but aren't aware if their feelings so i can proudly say me and yoshii are basicly the same person. Hes just in anime land Hope you enjoyed this card. Give Baka no Test a try.
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Love it 💘