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Hello lovey CandY babies!
My beautiful friend, and Cross Gene mod for this quarter, @AimeeH has made me and some friends her mod supporters for the Cross gene community, so I wanted to introduce myself so you can get to know me and so you can know that you can come to me or any of the other mod support (and mod of course) if you have any questions about CG or the community.
Let's get introduced!
My name is Bailey, I am 23 years of age and currently living in the middle of nowhere of Texas.
I am a Texas baby born and bred, though I spent the majority of my life in the Dallas area (I am in College Station now)
My hobbies, besides k-pop of course, include playing ukulele, learning everything I can about film, long boarding, and sleeping.
My dog Leonidas (Leo for short) is the love of my life and the most important part of my existence.
I love tattoos (hint: my bias in CG has at the min one, although I think he might have two) and I currently have three though I plan on many many more once I find the funds.
Since I am too lazy to list every group I am interested in, my top five k-pop groups are as follows:
B2ST (ultimate babies, bias is Hyunseung)
Big Bang (bias is Daesung)
BTS (bias is Jimin, but Jin and Suga have special places in my heart)
BtoB (bias is Peniel)
B1A4 (bias is Jinyoung, but CNU is the hubs)
I listen to and know way more than that, but those are the groups that I will follow to the ends of the earth.
If you have any questions about me, or ever want to just talk, I am always open to meeting new people!
Let's move on to what we are all here for.
Cross Gene!
Q.How did you come to learn about these 6 boys?
A. Well, imaginary interviewer, Cross Gene Mod Aimee and I are friends and talk on Kakao and she is a HUGE FAN. Like, the leader of the international fans I'm pretty sure. So, the first months or so we started talking, she dropped hints about CG and how amazing they were. So late one night, about a week before the came out with Shi Tai, Aimee, Britt (another mod) and I watched every single CG MV that we could get our hands on. And I was in.
Q. What drew you in to them?
A. I always say this, but I am definitely into k-pop for the music rather than the idols. I love the idols, but I know my priorities. BUT. Cross Gene. I adore their music, and it is highly underrated, but these guys are so great. They are hilarious, they are gorgeous, and they seem so close and comfortable with each other. You can tell it is a strong community and I am glad to be witness to their brilliance.
Q. So who is the bias?
A. Yongseok, but i'll get into that a bit more when I do the CG 30 day challenge that Aimee has created.
So there you have it!
Thanks for dealing with my intro, and I am excited to be a part of this community and spread the love of CG because they so deserve it.
Cross Gene Tag List
Cross Gene Mod and Mod Support
@AimeeH 馃樄 well if the have not told you this week, thanks for shoving me in! 馃::hugs::
@Tigerlily84 I mean well you have no choice but to love me. Yall were getting shoved in whether you wanted to be or not XD
@AimeeH you know you love you for pushing us in the CG pool馃槜
@Tigerlily84 OH HARSH DUDES. . . XD
@ChelseaJay @baileykayleen yes!!! She doesn't even EASE you into them. Let you tip your toe in the water. She just f'ing pushes you butt in the pool. And then you drowned in gorgeous men with amazing voices and DIE馃拃
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