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so I was wandering on youtube & found tgus theory for got7 fly & I swear I have never in my life been this sad in life, I mean bts pt.1 & pt.2 were sad but this is sadder then bts pt1 & 2 like SADDER BRO!!!! the mv for fly is creepy, sad & happy (if you know what i mean) but the theory behind it is DEPRESSING!! also pls not hate comments like compares on bts & got7, like got7 copyed bts pls don't do that. WARNING: YOU MAY NEED SOME TISSUES! I think that this theory make sense for the mv idk tell me what you think about it.
@EmilyGardner here come the theories soon
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oh god why 馃槴馃槬
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@nnatalieg im perpairing for it.
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