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I was browsing the internet, as one does, and I noticed that a lot of people were sharing images of themselves as those adorable little things from the Powerpuff Girls.
Honestly, I was surprised, because I hadn't seen the Powerpuff girls in a hot minute, but I decided to give it a try.
I remember the Powerpuff girls as a really fun show. Lots of kooky characters, and even one that looked like me (Bubbles, duh.)

Here's how my little Powerpuff person turned out:

You can create them in a wallpaper, as shown in the cover photo, or a gif, above! I could even give her a little guitar, because everyone knows it's the perfect accessory for Tess.

Striking resemblance no?
If you want to try it yourself, head on over to Very creative name right?
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@TurtleyTurtles I like Him just because he's scary as hell for a kids show.
@danidee I agree with that! Now that I'm an adult, seeing a character like that from back then is kind of a big deal... a crossdressing devil... how did that slip through the cracks and never get bad feedback? I never had a problem with it, though. I always loved the fact that he was wearing knee high boots with heels!
@TurtleyTurtles LOL RIGHT? I liked his lobster hands tbh.
@danidee Yes! How could I forget those! Lol!
@TurtleyTurtles I feel like they were just such a random feature lol.