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I love these guys...Jinhwan is mine Anyways, this is for you @Taehyungv β™‘β™‘
Real name: Kim Han Bin Stage name: B.I Birthday: October 22, 1996 Position: Leader, lead rapper, & composer Height: 177 cm He is from Seoul, South Korea
Real name: Kim Jin Hwan Stage name: Jinhwan Birthday: February 7, 1994 Position: Lead Vocalist Height: 165 cm He is from Jeju-do, South Korea He is the oldest & the shortest β™‘
Real name: Kim Ji Won Stage name: Bobby Birthday: December 21, 1995 Position: Main rapper Height: 180 cm He was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Virginia, United States.
Real name: Goo Jun Hoe Stage name: Junhoe Birthday: March 31, 1997 Position: Main vocalist Height: 182 cm
Real name: Kim Dong Hyuk Stage name: Donghyuk Birthday: January 3, 1997 Position: Vocalist Height: 175 cm
Real name: Song Yoon Hyung Stage name: Yunhyeong Birthday: February 8, 1995 Position: Vocalist Height: 177 cm
Real name: Jung Chan Woo Stage name: Chanwoo Birthday: January 26, 1998 Position: Vocalist & maknae Height: 180 cm
Sorry it took me forever but I hope this helps lol @Taehyungv β™‘β™‘
πŸ’—πŸ’— I just love these boys!
Aww you are welcome @TaehyungV
@JasminMartinez I think I heard it was something like that, but anyways, thank you for your help!
Yeah its iconic ^_^
@JasminMartinez You're welcome. But, can you tell me what iKON's fandom name is?
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