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Kirito from SAO (Sword Art Online). I picked him cause I feel like him most of the time when im out of my home and when im not with my friends
I have a good and bad side like him, stay on my good side and we will have some good times, but get on my bad side, lets just say... it's not gonna be fun for you
When I'm out, im shady af. I roll with a hood, I use it as asuna did when we first saw her with her hood, The hood is my weapon but take it away from me... (goto the next picture)
It's my secret weapon I hide under neath, my will and my blade
Don't dare mess with my friends, I will kill someone in a heartbeat if you dare harm my friends. When I hurt my friends feelings, I feel like I failed at life, so I put my life on the line for my friends.
well, that wraps it up nakama, this is for the nakama campfire festival, I really want that ace figure and if I do win, I thank all of my fellow nakama and best of luck in winning the nakama campfire festival/giveaway.