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Hello! My Name is Nayna but you can call me Mei it means Beautiful in Japanese β™‘ If I had to say which anime character I'm most like it would be β—† Hanazona Hikari from Special A β—†
She is a sweet caring and kind-hearted girl who often worries about others and can never turn a blind eye to someone who ask for help. She never backs down from a challenge.
She is smart and a talented girl. Hikari also acts like a spoiled child whenever she gets sick and blurts out things that she wouldn't usually say. she also attacks people whenever she becomes like this. But when she recover she has no memory of what happened. SHE IS A HORRIBLE COOK!
Hikari β™‘
I just love Hikari β™‘ always has a smile and she is always positive β™‘ Just like me xD @InVinsybll @hikaymm @NikolasSatterwh ^-^
she is cool
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That's right! always whith a smile and positive just like you you are a good friend
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Are you also a horrible cook? :P
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@hikaymm hahaha yea/.\ 😡 but I will do everything to be good β€’Β°β€’
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