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Mated pair with have children and then when they turn five the child with they found out if it's an Alpha, Beta, Subordinate or Omega. They are then place in to specific schools for their ranks. They stay with their ranks until the are 20 which then they go to a school with all the ranks together to find their mate.
Baekhyun-23 omega female Kyungsoo- 22 omega female Luhan-26 subordinate female Xiumin-26 subordinate female Yixing-24 beta female
Chanyeol- 23 Alpha male Kai-21Alpha male Sehun- 21beta male Jongdae-23beta male Suho- 24alpha male
Baekhyun always knew she was different from the people around her. Even her adopted parents were normal compared to her. She may have looked normal but she could tell something in her was different. She could manipulate the light around her even the sun light she could take away. She learn that over the years she could even blind a person for a few seconds if she wanted to. She grew up in Bucheon her parents said the found her in the trash one morning with a strange note and a sliver blanket. The note they couldn't read it was in a language they had never seen before. Her parents were humble and modest people living a slower way of life than what normal people in the city live. As she grew her hair that was pure white as a child became a dirty blonde color her dark chocolate eyes became a lite hazel grey her a pure white and soft as silk. Baekhyun had a lot of trouble in school mostly with bullying just because she didn't look like the other kids even though she was born in Korea. Children are pure and innocent they say but are also cruel and blunt